Flavour Blaster - Mag 57 - Magnetic Tank

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Flavour Blaster | Tank Change from JetChill on Vimeo.

This tank is specially designed for the Flavour Blaster. It is the world's first tank that has a magnetic base for quick release and is also leak proof. The innovative design creates a powerful and consistent aromatic mist.   


Note: For a faster service and so the flavours are not mixed, we would recommend the use of a separate tank for each flavour.

If only purchasing one tank be aware that between flavour changes the tank will need to be cleaned, and a new coil used to ensure there is no cross contamination of flavours. This is a slower process than having separate tanks for separate flavours, hence the recommendation for purchasing more than one tank. 

1x Tank, 5x Tank Coils and 5x Aromatics are included in the Flavour Blaster Kit.