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UK || Positive Support Throughout (Covid-19) Hospitality Industry

In a world of uncertainty, negative energy, an abundance of anxiety and doubt, it is important that we obtain correct information to help, not hinder our transition through the (COVID-19) pandemic. 

As a provider of luxury items to the Hospitality Industry we are witnessing first hand how this is affecting individuals from an operational level all the way through to FOH and bartending level. 

What's important to remember throughout all of this is that the world will still keep turning and we WILL come out of this and recover. BUT we've got to take action now, put our best foot forward and do everything that is practically possible to make sure our livelihood remains intact. We're all in this industry together, a team and a network that cannot and will not be broken. 

Our role here at Jetchill LTD is to provide you with products to give your customers unbelievable and memorable experiences, to give you the tools to spread a wave of happiness, fun and positivity. Why should this stop because of closures? Why should we come to a standstill? Through the medium of digital we have the power in our hands to develop, market and grow our brands before the influx of customers returns; and believe us, they will. We've got to prepare now for the future and we have the perfect resources to help you do that!

First off let's look at what we can access imminently to mitigate some of the impact with these key points and help resources.








The above resources are aimed at helping you find the best support necessary amidst the current situation. USA Resource release coming soon! 

If you found this helpful or there are any publications we should research or link to our followers please contact us on info@jetchill.com 


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