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Frequently asked questions by customers.

[faq-title]Do you ship worldwide?[/faq-title] [faq-text]

Yes! We ship our products all over the world. If you can't find your country on our list, email us at info@jetchill.com so we can create a manual invoice for your order.

[/faq-text] [faq-title]How long until I get my products?[/faq-title] [faq-text]

Due to the current pandemic we are experiencing delays in our fulfilment centre. We aim to ship products within 7 days of the order being processed.

[/faq-text] [faq-title]Do you have a disributor in my country?[/faq-title] [faq-text]

We have distrubutors located all over the world. Please email us at info@jetchill.com for more information.

[/faq-text] [faq-title]My product isn't working...[/faq-title] [faq-text]

Please don't worry, these things can happen. We're on hand to support you. If you encounter an unfortunate problem, please take a photo or video of the issue. We will aim to solve via email. If we cannot rectify over the phone/video, we will then take further measures to fix/replace your item.

[/faq-text] [faq-title]Can I get a discount?[/faq-title] [faq-text]

Become and affliate and receive 5% cash back for every order that converts. Email us at info@jetchill.com for more information.

[/faq-text] [faq-title]Why is my bubble popping?[/faq-title] [faq-text]

Great Question! Check out our help sheet below. If you're still having difficulty, please email us at info@jetchill.com