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Pro vs Mini

What's the difference? Find out which Blaster is best for you...

Charging Your Blaster

Get the most from your blaster. How to correctly charge your blaster ready for service.

Pro Battery Guide

Maintain the battery life of your Flavour Blaster machine.

Prime & Fill Tank

Correctly prime and fill your tank to create the perfect aroma clouds and the ultimate bubble.

Coil Maintenance

Increase the longevity of your coils with these handy tips


Enhance the stability of your Bubble with your very own Flavour Blaster branded atomiser.

Bubbles on Ice

Can bubbles be placed upon ice? Time explains more.

Swapping Aromas

It's a busy night in the bar and you need to swap your flavours as you switch between cocktails.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Today we look at the importance of correct cleaning and maintenance of your Flavour Blaster.

Make The Perfect Bubble

In this episode Tim talks us through the correct steps required to make the perfect bubble.

Improve Bubble Stability

In this episode of Tims tips we look at why your bubble might be popping too soon.

How to Bubble Drop

Today we focus on the bubble drop technique. This is a very impressive way to serve your bubble garnish in front of your guests.

Choosing Glassware

The perfect glassware to create a strong bubble

Quick Tips

Simone Caporale dives into best practices when using your Flavour Blaster Pro 1.

Flashing Red Light?

Do you ever notice a red flashing light when your tank is inserted into the blaster?

How to Make Simple Syrups

Today we look at the basics of making simple syrups. This is helpful for new bartenders as it helps expand your bar knowledge and vocabulary.

Unbox Your Kit

The New Mini has arrived, here's what to expect from our latest invention.

Bubbles & High ABV

We dive into the science behind alcohol content in relation to bubble creation.

Your Basket

There's nothing in your basket!.

Let's get started

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