`My followers love the Flavour Blaster!`


`I use the Flavour Blaster in my videos and my Instagram and Tik Tok followers love it!`


Born in Russia, Olya grew up watching videos online and one day came across a video of a flairbartender. Amazed at the agility with which they made cocktails, she decided to take it up herself, starting out at a small pub uptown as a side hustle at University. Since then she has won multiple world championships and has accumulated a following of over 35 thousand, know for her innovative and fun videos on Instagram.


`The first time I ever used the Flavour Blaster was whilst working at a big event in Switzerland. Guests enjoyed the bubbles on the cocktails and I thought i`d buy a Blaster for myself too! `

Salvatore`s twist on a John Collins...

Olya`s Flavour Blaster Favourite

  • Bourbon 4,5 cl
  • Elderflower Cordial  1,5 cl
  • Black Walnut liquor 2 cl
  • Herbal bitter 2 dashes
  • Aroma: smoky flavor bubble
  • Garnish: rice paper, dried Elderflower
  • Glass: champagne saucer
  • Method: stir

Salvatore`s twist on a John Collins...