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Here at Flavour Blaster, we’re all about creating sensations – and memories. Our innovative kit has ripped its way through the hospitality and cocktail industry, and now, we’re headed towards your home.

There’s nothing to be intimidated by, though. We’re simply on a mission to make your next soiree one you won’t forget, so that the excitement and revelation of Flavour Blaster isn’t something that you will only ever experience whenever you’re ‘out out’. 

That’s what the Flavour Blaster MINI kit is very much geared towards. So, when you’re attempting to determine the best cocktail aroa kit to infuse your next at-home bash with a both aromatic and visual experience surpassing all else, why should the MINI gun be your only choice? 

It’s available in a variety of colours

Well, we had to mention this somewhere. Whatever you’re looking to colour-coordinate your cocktail gun with, you’re sure to be delighted by a range of available hues encompassing the likes of pink, purple, black, green, and red, perfect for halloween. 

It incorporates the hit technology of Flavour Blaster Pro 

The innovative vapour tech of Flavour Blaster has been gracing leading bars and clubs around the world with irresistible edible bubbles and flavour mist since 2019. Now, many of the same theatrics are possible at parties in your own abode, courtesy of Flavour Blaster MINI. 

You’ll get the reassurance of a one-year warranty 

Purchasers of the Flavour Blaster MINI kit benefit from a one-year limited warranty for this in-demand smoke bubble gun, covering parts and labour. 

It’s not just great for cocktails 

It might well be the industry’s best cocktail smoker kit, but it can also be so much more. With Flavour Blaster MINI, it’s not just the most glamorous and exotic cocktails that can be made even more so with this spectacular home version of our renowned professional bar tool – it’s also your mocktails, food and desserts that can be garnished in a similarly impressive way. 

You’ll get everything you need in one kit 

Not many things seem to be designed to work well ‘straight out of the box’ these days; there’s always something extra needed in order to make even the most impressive product vaguely functional. That’s not the case with the Flavour Blaster MINI kit. The Flavour Blaster MINI itself, the Micro USB charging cable, two disposable tanks, two 10ml aroma options, a 180ml bottle of Bubble X mixture, a Bubble X bowl, and nozzle brush… they will all be there in the box, the moment you receive it. 

With Flavour Blaster MINI in your home, you won’t just have the best cocktail smoker kit at your disposal… you will also have a means of emphatically ‘raising the bar’ on each and every party under your roof. Your home will be little less than the destination to be at – and the Flavour Blaster Mini design could scarcely make it all quicker, easier, or more exciting. 

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