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How can I make my pub busier in January?

How can I make my pub busier in January?


January is often considered a challenging month for the hospitality industry. After the festive season, people tend to tighten their budgets and cut back on socialising. However, fear not – there are strategic approaches to breathe life into your pub during this seemingly quiet period. Let's explore some creative and effective ways to make your pub busier and beat the January blues.

flavour Blaster™️ pub quiz trivia night to increase footfall in January

1. Themed Events: Give your customers a reason to step out whatever the weather. Host themed events throughout January, such as trivia nights, karaoke competitions, or themed parties. Consider tying these events to popular trends or holidays, injecting excitement into the month.

flavour Blaster™️ winter cocktail with cloche aroma

2. Loyalty Programs: Encourage repeat business by introducing loyalty programs. Offer discounts, free drinks, or exclusive access to events for regular customers. January is an excellent time to kick off a loyalty program, setting the tone for the rest of the year.

3. Social Media Campaigns: Leverage the power of social media to engage with your audience. Run targeted campaigns promoting your January specials, events, and any exclusive offers. Encourage customers to share their experiences online, creating buzz and attracting new guests.

flavour blaster vaux brewery collaboration

Image Credit: Flavour Blaster X Vaux Brewery Collab

4. Collaborations: Partner with local businesses to cross-promote each other. Collaborate with nearby restaurants, breweries, or event spaces to expand your reach. Joint promotions can draw in diverse crowds and strengthen your pub's presence in the community.

5. Fitness and Wellness Nights: Appeal to those pursuing New Year's resolutions by hosting fitness or wellness-themed nights. Consider yoga sessions, healthy menu options, or post-workout gatherings. This not only attracts a different clientele but also positions your pub as a versatile and health-conscious choice.

flavour Blaster™️ how to make your pub busier in January

6. Refurbish and Redecorate: Give your pub a fresh look for the new year. Whether it's a simple redecoration or a minor refurbishment, a change in ambiance can reignite interest and draw in both regulars and newcomers.

7. January Sales and Specials: Embrace the spirit of January sales by offering discounts on selected drinks or creating special bundled packages. Highlight these promotions to make your pub an appealing destination for those looking to make their money go further.

flavour blaster aroma bubble cocktail recipe inspiration

8. Pimp up your Menu: Now is the perfect time to redevelop your menu and experiment with some of your more exciting ideas! With every business competing for the same customers attention, you need your offerings to stand out! Research the latest industry trends for both food and drink to make sure you are the trendy venue everybody wants to visit! Need drink inspiration? We have a free cocktail book and YouTube channel full of recipes for you to use!

flavour Blaster™️ flamingo glassware with aroma cocktail bubble garnish

10. Upgrade your tech: It's time to revamp your coffee machine and update your ancient till system! Nobody wants to stand around waiting ages whilst the POS system has crashed again! And while you're at it, why not add a QR code to your menu / table so your guests can order another round without having to step away from their conversation. Technology isn't just for taking payments, make your pub the hottest new venue by making your drinks a theatrical wonder! Adding a Flavour Blaster™️ aroma bubble, printed image with a Ripples Machine or making your cocktail come alive with a Jetchill Dry Ice drink will make your menu stand out from all the rest. Using technology to elevate your drink serves will not only catch peoples attention, but it will help you gain popularity online, helping attract new business! 

January might pose its challenges, but with a dash of creativity and strategic planning, your pub can not only weather the quiet storm but also thrive. By embracing the unique opportunities the month presents, you can create an inviting and lively atmosphere that keeps patrons coming back all year round.

Cheers to a bustling January at your pub! 🍻

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