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Is Flavour Blaster™️ A Sustainable Business?

Is Flavour Blaster™️ A Sustainable Business?

Flavour Blaster and Sustainability within the Industry

As a globally recognised brand, we understand the importance of sustainability as we know we only get one planet. As our company grows, we want to increase our impact on the hospitality industry, whilst reducing our impact on the planet. By creating a garnish that disappears without a trace, we can help reduce waste within hospitality - one single use garnish at a time.

Not only are we helping venues worldwide reduce their garnish consumption, we are also looking internally at our brand and how we can reduce our carbon footprint from within our company. We still have a long way to go before becoming carbon neutral, but 2023 has been a year for reflection, and we have already started making changes in the right direction. 

The Flavour Blaster itself was born from a desire to find an easier, safer alternative to smoking wood chips. All of the smoking guns available on the market at the time were fiddly, messy and wasteful, and required the burning of wood chips to create smoke. We wanted to recreate the aroma of smoke without tarnishing glassware with sticky smoke residue, and without contaminating the air with harmful smoke particulates

cocktail bubble aroma smoke gun


Our Flavour Blaster aroma gun uses 100% natural, vegan aroma which is heated by a small coil inside our Blaster tank allowing you to enjoy a clean, fresh aroma without the need for flames and smoke. The requirement our aroma is born from the fact that 80% of your taste comes from smell, so when you enjoy our aroma, you will experience the carefully formulated flavours without having to alter your recipes - unlike smoke which will cling to your ingredients. Our aromas can be used on food and drink and are safe for all ages, making them a cleaner, smarter choice than wood chips. 

Rather than limiting our brand to smoke based aromas, we have developed a wide range of over 20 aromas including coconut, passionfruit, lavender, truffle, rosemary - even bubblegum! Our aroma bubbles are a great way to garnish your food and drink whilst reducing food waste from inedible garnishes. Our Brand Ambassador Simone Caporale (owner of Sips, voted "Best Bar in the World 2023") shared in an interview that he has reduced his venues carbon footprint and prevented tons of food waste by swapping out a passion fruit half on their Passionfruit Martini with our Passion Fruit aroma bubble!

flavour Blaster™️ cocktail bubble garnish

Venues across the world are ditching cocktail umbrellas, plastic streamers and botanical garnishes in favour of an interactive burstable aroma bubble garnish. With each aroma bottle providing 250 puffs of aroma, a Flavour Blaster Pro 2 starter kit can set a venue up for 1250 garnishes, preventing thousands of lemon, lime and other fruit wheels from being wasted. Not only does this make the Flavour Blaster a more sustainable choice, it is also a more cost effective choice, saving venues thousands spent on garnishes just to be thrown away! With an average of 2 seconds to create a perfect bubble, the Flavour Blaster will also save you time, leaving your staff free to spend their time where they are better suited - no more spending hours cutting lime wheels or complex orange peel garnishes! Simply pull the trigger and go! 

With a fully rechargeable USB battery, the Flavour Blaster allows you to charge and use your aroma gun whenever you need it - eliminating the need for disposable batteries, matches, lighters and open flames (hello health and safety!). Simply plug it in to charge, and when you’re ready, pull the trigger 3 times to activate the gun. Our Blaster™️ has an inbuilt Sleep Mode meaning it will put itself into Standby when not being used, to save battery power. When you're done for the day, simply pull the trigger three times and your Blaster will turn off until ready for use again!

As a British brand, we are proud to source all of our aromas locally, helping to reduce our carbon footprint and helping us to support local business. This is a recent improvement to our product range and has been a significant change to our environmental impact. We source all of our materials including manuals, brochures and parts from within the UK where possible and choose sea freighting over air freighting because we believe it's worth the wait!

To further reduce our carbon footprint, we have opened distribution centres across the world allowing us to use local couriers across the globe, reducing our  CO2 emissions through bulk transportation.

sustainable packaging flavour Blaster™️

Our packaging was created with sustainability in mind, and we have packaged our Blaster snugly in robust cardboard packaging, to reduce the need for foam where possible, and all of our boxes are made from cardboard making them widely recyclable. We designed our Pro 2 kit box with our customers in mind, and after receiving feedback from our customers that they preferred to keep their boxes to use for travel/storage purposes, we created a sleek, premium design that could be kept and reused, or recycled when finished with. Our aroma bottles and Bubble X bottles are also recyclable and we have removed the plastic shrink wrapper, allowing you to reduce your waste every time you use our products! 

Not only is our packaging recyclable, we wanted to reduce waste within our actual products. This is why we created our reusable tank. When filling your Flavour Blaster tank with aroma, the aroma is absorbed by cotton with a coil inside, which then heats and releases the vaporised aroma. Due to the coils being made with cotton, for hygiene purposes we recommend changing them when the coil starts to smell burnt, or if you want to change the aroma inside your tank. Rather than throwing the whole tank away (which can be wasteful) we created the option of our reusable tank, allowing you to change the coil yourself and swap it out for a fresh one! You can now dispose of just the coil, rather than the whole tank, saving both the planet and your wallet. 

Here at Flavour Blaster, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our sustainability and are always open to partnering with charities, to help give back to the community. Last year we launched our very first cocktail book, with the recipes designed to raise awareness about the industry impact on the environment, and how important it is that we take care of our planet. We are currently working on more ways to reduce our impact on the planet, whilst making a big impact on the industry so watch this space! 

flavour Blaster™️ cocktail book

For more information about our sustainability pledge, please email us at info@jetchill.com as we would be happy to answer any questions you have!

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