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Flavour Blaster Asia Community


Spotlight on our Supporters in Asia

For such a large continent, many of Asia's bars are consciously diminutive. Big sweeping high-volume venues obviously exist, but the bars (and bartenders within them) worth visiting are usually the small but mighty pions to attentive service and quiet excellence.

The Asian Bar Scene

What do Coa, Darkside and Quinary in Hong Kong; Jigger and Pony, Atlas, No Sleep Club, Union Trading Company and Manhattan in Singapore; The SG Club and Bar Benfiddich in Tokyo, Epic in Shanghai and Sidecar in New Delhi have in common? They have all been listed on the Worlds 50 Best Bars Awards. Asia has been garnering international acclaim of late.

Singapore has cemented its position in recent years as a cocktail hub in Asia and tends to support kitchen-lead or hyper-specialist venues. Japan continues to lead worlds trends, especially since the influx of Western visitors and the media coverage of the Tokyo Olympics.

But there are surprising up-and-coming regions too. For example, China is beginning to make a mark on the cocktail map with menus either utilising or working against the centuries of drinking traditions and regional spirits styles to explore. And although Thailand is reasonably restricted by alcohol laws, there are several venues worth watching, like The Bamboo Bar, Tropic City, Teens of Thailand and Vesper in Bangkok.

Seoul has a strong drinking scene, if not as international as some, but classic venues like the Four Seasons set the tone for cocktail drinkers. Taiwan, Malaysia and India all have up and coming cocktail scenes and are making quick progress that's exciting to watch.

Where to Find Flavour Blaster Cocktails in Asia?

We have distributors all over Asia, including the Maldives, Mumbai, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, and have bartenders using our bar equipment all over the continent, from the Philippines to China. Here are some specific bars you can visit if you're in the area.

The Odd Couple in Shanghai is run by self-confessed odd couple Shingo Gokan (Founder of Speak Low, Sober Company and SG Club) and Steve Schneider (Principal bartender of Employees Only NYC and Singapore).

"The Flavour Blaster has improved our business in many ways. We can create Tik Toks and social media content that allow us to gain new customers, and we enjoy using it, and when I use it, our cocktails have a story behind the name and recipe. “

The Little Easy in Bandra, Mumbai, has just begun using the Flavour Blaster in four new cocktails for their cocktail menu.

Our Flavour Blaster collaborator Simone Caporale co-runs the Marque d'Amour L'Escape Hotel in Seoul with Alex Katrena and Monica Berg, with a frontline team led by head bartender Max Rokham.

"We have people queuing for the experience of trying this drink. I've noticed an increase of 30% in new business at the bar."

W Sentosa Cove's Woobar in Singapore has been running a sensory and playful Bubble Mania menu with five delicious and mesmerising Flavour Blaster cocktails

Find Out More Information

If you'd like to read more testimonials, then check out our many case studies from around the globe.

If you're based on the Asia continent and want to get hold of any Flavour Blaster stock, you can use our website directly or find a supplier listed on our Flavour Blaster distributor page.

image courtesy of https://www.woobar.wsingaporesentosacove.com/photos

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