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Eduardo Rukos

Eduardo Rukos

The WOW! Factor it’s amazing. - @erukos


We, my business partner and incredible chef Pedro Evia and me, opened in 2004 the first completely outdoor bar-terrace in Mérida Yucatán called Time Lounge with a menu of more than 350 unique cocktails. Here, Pedro used to cook delicious and innovative finger food and I managed the access, clients and bar. Managing a place makes you responsible of all your staff, of their income, wellbeing and education in front of the clientele. Then, you also have the responsibility for the quality delivered to your guests, their comfort and transcendence of your creations.
It’s an incredible product. I tried, for a long time to make simple edible bubbles for our plates. Then, FLAVOUR BLASTER appeared and made what was really difficult so simple.

Flavour Blaster

Wishing for a long time to be able to make simple edible bubbles for their plates, Time Lounge found the Flavour Blaster and never looked back. `Its extremely easy to use and allows us to deliver true, amazing flavours and experiences to our guests.`

Lobster Ceviche

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