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Why Not Cocktail Lab

"It’s innovation, it’s flavour, it’s perfection."



`The best advice that I can give to the new generation of bartenders is to learn every day, from books, from people, from other bartenders and through experiences. Try new ideas, fail and try again. This is the only way to be the perfect expression of yourself.`


Ran by bartender Stefano Urru, Why Not Cocktail Lab is an award winning bar in the centre of Merano, a fine town in the north of Italy at the border to Austria. “The new and modern concept that we propose to our guests is the key to our success. Fresh products, home made, good spirits and a lot of love are the ingredients we use."

Flavour Blaster

`I bought my flavour blaster because it surprises our guests. It’s innovation, it’s flavour, it’s perfection, it’s the cherry on top. The Flavour Blaster is easy to use, perfect for a rapid service and simple to clean. Ultimately, it completes our drinks with new flavours, new designs and a new touch that we love.`

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