Simon Caporale for Flavour Blaster

On the hunt for fun, fabulous and fantastical flavours for extraordinary service experiences.

Simone Caporale’s search for a versatile piece of equipment resulted in his partnership with JetChill Ltd and the creation of the Flavour Blaster. This collaboration has led to some crazily creative cocktail ideas and ultimately, increased venue and events revenue through improved customer engagement.

  • A signature cocktail made using the Flavour Blaster ‘pays the rent’ on his bar.

  • Revenue is up by 30% since introducing the Flavour Blaster.

  • With just 5 minutes of training, any member of staff can use it

  • Its simple plug and play action makes it fantastic for large scale events.

Simone Caporale earned so many international accolades while working with the Artesian Bar at The Langham Hotel that he became a global phenomenon within the hospitality industry. He broke into consumer bartender fame when he teamed up with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to present the Jamie Oliver Drink’s Tube.  He is well known for collaborating with colleagues Alex Kratena and Monica Berg, as a founder of the P(our) symposium, running the Marque d’Amour hotel bar in L’Escape Hotel, Seoul and consulting with brands and venues all around the world. He is personally known for his inventive, fun and awe-inspiring cocktail creations.

The Challenge

When I want to explore new possibilities, I start with what I call the ‘Reverse Approach’. By this, I mean that you take an existing object, and apply the opposite action and see what the result is. So I exhaled instead of inhaling on a cigarette, and smoke billowed out.”

Simone wanted to have this smokey effect in a cocktail serve.

“But the challenge was to find a more versatile tool than the smoke gun, I mean, having a device that allows you to play with an unlimited source of flavours, rather than just ‘smoke’ — a smoke gun can only burn a set of compounds, and this results in a purely smokey smell and this just doesn’t match most food and drink profiles. My idea was to replace smoke with water vapour, and the action of my lungs with an electronic device.”

The Work

So I teamed up with the guys at JetChill Ltd, who I’d collaborated with before, and we started to put roots in the ground to make an electronic device that used water vapour scented with natural aromas. Then bingo!”

The fusing of Simone’s creative drive and JetChill’s technological innovation resulted in the first prototype of the Flavour Blaster gun.  Simone filmed himself using it to create an edible bubble resting gently on top of a cocktail that was filled with a cloud of flavoured water vapour and put it onto social media. Within just a few days the clip had gone viral and in May 2019, JetChill Ltd made their first 1000 pre-orders available to the public.

The Result

The goal was to not only find a solution after all that effort but to see the expression on people’s face after they experienced what the Flavour Blaster could do. It’s 1000 x more wow! It’s the final consumer the Flavour Blaster was designed to impress, and it really creates a gastronomic experience for them.”

Simone was so impressed with the results that he put a drink using the edible bubble and water vapour technique on his menu at Marque d’Amour hotel bar in L’Escape Hotel, Seoul.

“In our bar in Seoul, we are paying the monthly rent just by serving a signature cocktail that comes with the edible bubble on top. We have people queuing for the experience of trying this drink. I’ve noticed an increase of 30% new business at the bar. I’ve also had requests from big cosmetic houses and fashion companies to develop drinks for large scale events. All they want is a drink with the effects of the Flavour Blaster. And the truth is that the Flavour Blaster is very reliable and the techniques can be applied to 95% of drinks on the menu. The latest design of the Flavour Blaster is ‘plug and play’, which means you can use it for an event for 800+ people without much thought. The execution and use is very simple, with just five minutes of practise you can rely on it for a busy service. It’s such fun, and easy to use, but it’s the results that make it so impressive.”

What’s Next?

“Today’s consumers are going out to restaurants and bars constantly seeking something special to capture, something they have never seen before. It’s very competitive at the moment in the Food and Beverage business and you’re obliged to create constantly. I see the Flavour Blaster opening so many doors to talented, creative people who can suddenly present a dish served into a cloud of ginger or an edible bubble filled with zesty citrus scent. It’s insane!”

The team at JetChill remain responsive to customer demand, and due to calls from Simone and operators around the world, they have recently introduced Ginger & Grapefruit aromas. These are now available to purchase through the website.