The Flavour Blaster elevates the overall experience of guests in the bar.

Tony loves doing things people have never seen before...

Tony Gonzales, Head bartender at District, Los Angeles
Drinks: A Negroni
In: The 1940’s themed Shoo Shoo Baby in Downtown LA
living to the brim
Drinks: A Negroni
In: The 1940’s themed Shoo Shoo Baby in Downtown LA
Tony is an avid inventor, always searching for the next level. He started his career in chain bars but educated himself, pushing the envelope until he got into high-end venues like District, the bar he now runs at the Sheraton Grand Los Angeles.
“I love doing things that people have not seen before. The Flavour Blaster is definitely an eye-catcher! ”
A fan of gadgets, equipment and tools that help his team to make an impact on their guests, Tony bought a Flavour Blaster gun because he loves to see people smile.
“The Flavour Blaster is a wonderful tool for your bar that has the ability to make people smile and bring additional revenue at the same time.”
And when people smile, they forget the woes of the world and just want to have a good time. It creates good energy in the room. 
“It brings the inner-child out in everyone it encounters. People automatically pull their phones out to take videos and photos. The Flavour Blaster has been a game-changer for the bar I run District DTLA. It has helped to grow our regional presence, as well as our social media presence. Every day people come in for a "Bubble Drink" they either saw online or heard about from friends.”

Tony's Cocktail Creation

What you'll need
For one serving
  • 1.5oz
    Malfy Gin (blood orange)
  • .75oz
  • .75oz
  • Muddled Rosemary and Cranberries.
  • Mixed Berry Bubble