The Flavour Blaster gun allows bartenders to play, innovate and surprise their guests.

Salvatore Raniolo, freelance gun for hire for masterclasses, brand training, events, festivals and consulting.

Insta: @raniolo_salvatore

Drinks: A Negroni

In: Baxter in Sydney, Satan’s Whiskers In London, The Jerry Thomas Project in Rome or Paradiso in Barcelona.

Salvatore Raniolo recommends Flavour Blaster

Salvatore has worked in major cities like London, Rome and Sydney. He has made drinks for some of the best-known bars and brands including the prestigious Diageo Word Class competition and been mentored by the UK-based stalwarts Luca Cinalli and Simone Caporale. 

What many bartenders aim for is that wow moment with a customer. A drink that is so good it sticks in the guest’s memory and makes them feel special. That’s hard when your guests are the worlds best bartenders, so you have to up your game.

My first time with the Flavour Blaster was one year ago when Simone and I were trying to create the best vibes ever during the WorldClass 2019 where I was leading the amazing Zacapa Bar surrounded by the best bartenders in the world.”

His team needed to push the envelope and serve something unique to people who spent their days making up drinks, so they introduced a ‘surprise element’ using the Flavour Blaster gun, and the guests went crazy!

“I’ve come back to Italy this January and I’ve already shown the business’ around my city - Verona - what you can do with this fabulous Flavour Baster gun.”

Cocktail recipe:

Twist on a John Collins

50ml Tanqueray number 10 gin

30ml Lemon juice

20ml Simple

5 Dashes rhubarb bitters

Top with ginger beer

Garnish with the Flavour Blaster citrus cocktail aromatic.