The Flavour Blaster gun is easy to learn to use, robust and makes drinks that are consistent every time.

Marcello Del Vecchio, bartender at Crystal Bar Lounge Bar and trainer at PFB Bar school, both in Italy.

Insta: @marcello_delvecchio

Marcello Del Vecchio recommends Flavour Blaster

Marcello has a passion for making great drinks and sharing his skills with up and coming bartenders in Italy, where hospitality is honed to perfection and precision is key to the guest experience.

“I would recommend the purchase because it is simple to use,” says Marcello, who trains novice bartenders and knows the value of standardised recipes to operators.

The Flavour Blaster gun is so easy to handle that even home bar enthusiasts are buying it. However, when you work for a large scale venue or event that ease of use works harder for your money because all your staff can make the same drink the same way, every time, regardless of their training or background.

That consistency means that no matter the skill sets of your bar team, agency staff or event crew, you can rely on the equipment to make great drinks.

“I've been in the bar business for 15 years. I came to the Flavour Blaster through social networks, since I bought it my clients are always surprised by the bubble show.”

Cocktail recipe:

Rosemary Clover Club

- Gin Mediterraneo (Mediterranean gin)

- Succo di limone (Lemon juice)

- Sciroppo ai lamponi (Raspberry syrup)

- Rosemary smoke bubble