The Flavour Blaster has fantastic aromas and flavours that are much less harsh than traditional smoking techniques.

Flavour Talk With Ashley Cibor...

Ashley is an upcoming face in the Phoenix craft cocktail scene. She is currently mentored by Tyka Chheng, a chef-cum-bar superstar at UnderTow, an exclusive Polynesian inspired speakeasy.
“The Flavour Blaster gun allows you to rapidly infuse a light flavour vapour of your liking to any cocktail,” says Ashley, who came to the cocktail game because she loves the craft of making great drinks and playing with flavour combinations.
The problem with smoking cocktails with tobacco or wood products is the residual flavour left by the smoke. It’s hard to control how much flavour goes into the drink, and it can end up being very overpowering.
The cocktail aromatics that come in the Flavour Blaster Cocktail Kit are subtly nuanced to pair perfectly with mixed drinks.
Ashley Cibor recommends Flavour Blaster
“We definitely get a huge amount of customers asking for the Flavour Blaster cocktail because the presentation is unmatched and the aroma and flavours that go along with it are so worth it. The Flavour Blaster gun allows bartenders to put on a show for guests with good cocktails that are made even more delicious with the flavoured vapour!”
Ashley Cibor, bartender at Undertow, Phoenix
Drinks: A Penicillin cocktail or peaty scotch on the rocks
In: Gallo Blanco in Phoenix, USA

Ashley Cocktail Creation

What you'll need
For one serving
  • The Breakfast of Champions
  • 1 dash cocoa nib tincture
  • 1 dash AZ Bitters Lab Figgy Pudding bitters
  • Bar spoon house-made cinnamon syrup
  • Bar spoon house-made banana syrup
  • Bar spoon St. George Nola coffee liqueur
  • 0.5oz
    Appleton Signature Blend
  • 0.5oz
    Bacardi Anejo Cuatro
  • 0.5oz
    Hamilton 86 Demerara
  • 0.5oz
    Rhum JM VSOP
Stirred, served in a large snifter with a big ice cube. Smoked with the Flavour Blaster gun (a mix of cinnamon and allspice), and garnished with a caramelised banana.