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Bubble Gum Aromas and IPAs: An Unexpected Fusion

Bubble Gum Aromas and IPAs: An Unexpected Fusion

It may sound odd at first, but the introduction of bubble gum aromas to India Pale Ales (IPAs) is a rising trend in the beer industry. IPAs, renowned for their hop-forward, often bitter taste profile and their enticing notes of citrus, pine, or floral undertones, present a fascinating canvas for unconventional aromatic pairings.

Bubble gum aromas, known for their sweet, slightly fruity character, may seem to contrast sharply with the bitter, citrusy or piney notes of IPAs. But this stark contrast is precisely what makes the pairing so intriguing. The sweetness of the bubble gum aroma can bring a balancing dimension to the inherent bitterness of the IPA, leading to an unexpectedly delightful gustatory experience.

Let's delve into the science a bit. The bubble gum aroma is primarily composed of esters, organic compounds that often have a sweet, fruity character. These esters are also naturally found in many beers due to yeast fermentation. Thus, introducing a bubble gum aroma to an IPA can mimic and amplify these naturally occurring esters, creating a beer with a unique twist.

In some beer varieties, like Belgian Wheat beers, a slight bubble gum flavour is not uncommon, resulting from specific yeast strains used in the brewing process. However, introducing this aroma to IPAs is relatively novel. The sweet and fruity bubble gum scent can add an entirely new dimension to the taste profile of the beer, teasing the palate with each sip, and making you revisit the IPA in a whole new light.

bubblegum ipa


To best experiment with bubble gum aromas and IPAs, The bubble gum scent can be introduced using food-grade extracts or our Bubble gum aroma - executed in the form of an aroma filled bubble or immersing the drink in a cloche or other vessel.. Remember, the key is subtlety; the goal is to enhance and balance the flavours, not overshadow the characteristic taste of the IPA.

Pairing bubble gum aromas with IPAs can be quite polarising—some may find the combination intriguing, others not so much. However, it is this very boldness and daring to experiment that has led to some of the most exciting breakthroughs in the world of craft beer.

In the end, whether it's a hit or miss, the fusion of bubble gum aromas with IPAs promises an adventurous journey of taste and aroma. If you're someone who loves exploring unique combinations and isn't afraid of a flavour rollercoaster, this unexpected fusion is definitely worth a try!

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