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How Many Aroma Tanks Should I Have?

How Many Aroma Tanks Should I Have?

So you’ve got a Flavour Blaster, and you’re ready to get some new aromas - how many tanks should you get? 

Simple - one for each aroma! 


Whether you have a Pro or MINI, our advice stays the same.


“But I use reusable tanks so I can change the aroma in those!” - we hear you say! 

Let’s be real, who has time to wash out a tank every time they want to change aromas?


When you're working in a busy restaurant, you want to be able to swap aroma tanks faster than you can say Flavour Blaster. 

And trust us, you don’t want to mix aromas in a tank - surprisingly bubblegum and truffle don’t smell great together… 😵‍💫

flavour blaster aroma combination

Stick to reusing each tank for the same aroma, just changing out the coils - your Blaster and senses will thank you!


Still not convinced? Here are the top 5 reasons to use a separate tank for each aroma:

  1. No more cross contamination: When you use a single tank for multiple aromas, you risk contaminating the aroma and losing it’s unique scent. With separate tanks, you can keep each aroma pure and intact.
  2. Lock em, and load em: Lightning speed aroma changes, cutting out all the prep and cleaning time in between. Know which aroma you want to use next? Simply grab your pre-made, labelled tank from your Flavour Blaster aroma tray and get ready to shake things up!
  3. The world is your oyster: You can have as many aromas as you want on the go at once, no more waiting until a coil needs changing to switch up your aroma. How big is your aroma collection? 🤩
  4. Treat em mean, keep em clean: Having separate tanks for each aroma ensures that each tank can be thoroughly cleaned and sterilised between uses, keeping them safe to use.
  5. Don’t play scientist: Each aroma has a specific concentration percentage, which varies depending on the aroma. Having a separate tank ensures that each aroma is used in the correct amount and in the correct proportion, resulting in a consistent and predictable aroma profile.

Need we say more? 


Don't want to commit to multiple reusable tanks? Perhaps you're trying an aroma out and not sure you want to keep it.

Our disposable tanks are the perfect solution! Simply fill the tank and use it until the aroma runs out (approx 1000 uses) then rather than changing the coil and refilling, you can dispose of the tank! Now doesn't that sound simple!

Our disposable tanks are compatible with both the Pro and the MINI, and are a great solution for those who don't like the technical side of changing coils. 

Our disposable tanks are also great for travelling, rather than emptying the tank when you're finished, just throw it away! No more leaky tanks in your hands luggage!

Now do yourself a flavour and order some extra tanks

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