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The Story Behind the Flavour Blaster Brand!

Sometimes a product comes along that’s so ideal for a job that it seems like it should have always existed. But that’s not the case because someone had to seed the idea, produce the prototypes and eventually, get the product to market. So how did the Flavour Blaster, with it’s combination of fun and economy, come about?

Before the Flavour Blaster

Like all truly great things, the meeting of the two minds behind the Flavour Blaster was an accident. After a few shandies, hospitality expert Colin Myers confidently wandered into the wrong apartment to make himself a bowl of cereal, to the amusement of the apartment dweller, manufacturing dynamo Robert Flunder. The two became immediate friends.

After some research trips to North America to see trade shows and large scale events, the guys were struck by how difficult it was for bartenders to use theatrical dry ice in cocktails for hundreds of guests at a time. And in a eureka moment, founded a science tech company called JetChill Ltd to develop bartender equipment wizardry.

In 2011 they launched their dry ice glassware into the UK market and America a year later. In 2013 they upgraded their manual system and launched the twin probe automatic Dry Ice Machine. The machine won Gadget Man’s ‘Gadget of the Year’ in 2014 and, just a year later, was installed in bars in over 40 countries around the world. Col and Rob went on to invent several more time saving bar-based machines.


Flavour Blaster Kits various color.


The Flavour Blaster is Born

Simone Caporale earned so many international accolades while working with the Artesian Bar at The Langham Hotel that he became a global phenomenon within the hospitality industry. He broke into consumer bartender fame when he teamed up with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to present the Jamie Oliver Drink’s Tube. He is well known for collaborating with colleagues Alex Kratena and Monica Berg as the P(our) symposium founders. He recently opened his Barcelona bar, Sips, in collaboration with El Bulli’s Marc Alvarez and continues to consult for brands and venues worldwide.

Simone wanted to create a bar tool that could capture the senses. He wanted to surprise and delight his guests using visual theatrics but also with aroma, and all without affecting the flavour and balance of his cocktails. His search for this versatile piece of bar equipment resulted in his partnership with JetChill Ltd and the creation of the Flavour Blaster.

After seeing potential in easy-to-use technology that could replicate the theatrics of dry ice by using aromatised vapour, Col and Rob collaborated with New York’s specialist flavour scientists to create a prototype of the Flavour Blaster in 2017 and a range of food-grade, non-toxic, vegetable extract flavours.

They collaboratively decided to trap the smoke in an edible bubble for maximum impact and put out a video on social media to see what kind of reception it would get. The Flavour Blaster was launched in 2018 with thousands of advance orders from several countries.

And, with this, the first-ever handheld device to utilise vapour technology to make edible bubbles, flavour mist, and smoke clouds was available worldwide. Flavour Blaster now has hundreds of ambassadors all over the world. Meet them on our YouTube channel for masterclasses using our Flavour Blaster technology.


Blaster Bubble


The Flavour Blaster Now

Once the Flavour Blaster went viral on social media, a pro team had to develop quickly. The Flavour Blaster crew went from two entrepreneurs to a team of 14 in just four years.

Under master of innovation and creator of new concepts, Colin Myers, the Flavour Blaster technology is ever-evolving. With a recent upgrade to the original Flavour Blaster came the Flavour Blaster Pro II, with more bells and whistles and fewer irks and quirks.

With Rob Flunder’s attention to detail and love for taking an idea from prototype to production line, the company continues to expand into new markets, ultimately putting the Flavour Blaster in the hands of more and more bartenders.

The team goal is to maximise the impact each drink has on every guest you serve, whether that’s developing new aroma flavours, or managing warehouse orders smoothly, or answering your customer service questions. If you ever need to talk to us for whatever reason, you can reach us on the contact us page of the website.


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