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How to pair rhubarb aromatic in cocktails

How to pair rhubarb aromatic in cocktails

Rhubarb pairs well with a variety of flavours in cocktails, some of the most popular include:

    1. Citrus: Rhubarb's tartness pairs well with citrus fruits such as lemon, lime, and orange. These flavours can be added in the form of juice or zest and help to balance out the sweetness of the rhubarb.

    2. Herbs: Rhubarb's tartness pairs well with herbs like thyme, mint, and basil, which can add a refreshing and aromatic dimension to the drink.

    3. Spices: Spices like ginger, cinnamon and cardamom can add depth and warmth to rhubarb-based cocktails, and are a great addition to winter cocktail recipes

    4. Prosecco or Champagne: The bubbles and acidity of Prosecco or Champagne can help to balance out the sweetness of rhubarb, making it a popular pairing for sparkling cocktails.

    5. Tequila : The smokiness of tequila can balance out the sweetness of rhubarb and create a unique flavour profile.

    6. Gin: Rhubarb's flavours complement the juniper and botanical notes of gin, making it a popular pairing in cocktails like the Rhubarb Sour.

Rhubarb became a popular gin flavour for a few reasons.

  1. Seasonal availability: Rhubarb is a springtime vegetable, and gin is often associated with spring and summer. The popularity of gin in the spring and summer months coincides with the peak growing season for rhubarb, making it a natural pairing.

  2. Flavour profile: The tart and tangy flavour of rhubarb pairs well with the juniper and botanical notes of gin. The gin's botanicals complement the flavours of the rhubarb, creating a well-balanced drink.

  3. History: In the early 20th century, rhubarb syrup became a popular ingredient in cocktails, particularly in the United States. The most famous of these was the "Rhubarb Fizz," which was made with gin, rhubarb syrup, and soda water. This drink was a popular choice at speakeasies during the Prohibition era and helped to establish the rhubarb and gin pairing as a classic combination.

  4. Creativity: Gin is a versatile spirit that can be paired with a wide variety of flavours, and the unique flavour profile of rhubarb makes it a great addition to gin-based cocktails, inspiring mixologists and bartenders to create new and unique drinks using this combination.

Keep in mind that these are just a few examples, and that rhubarb can be paired with a wide variety of flavours to create delicious and unique cocktails. Experimenting with different combinations of ingredients can lead to new and exciting discoveries. 


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