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Aroma prime- Guide to Prime Aroma tank

How to Prime your Aroma Tank

And Why its Important

The Flavour Blaster Gun is a simple device to use. However, you will need to take steps to care for it to make sure it works at its best. One of the most critical measures to ensure your Flavour Blaster's longevity and effectiveness is to prime your coil correctly.

You will notice when your Flavour Blaster gun is running low on aroma because the amount of vapour coming from the gun's nozzle will decrease. If you take the nozzle off the gun and remove the tank, you will see a line etched on the tank glass marked Empty. If your aromatic liquid is below this line, it's time to prime your coil and refill the tank.

Why You Should Prime Your Tank

If you don't check your aromatic refills regularly, the coil filter could burn, and you would need to replace your coil tank (although this is very easy to do via our website) sooner than you might have otherwise.

You may well be tempted to simply fill up the tank, but we advise against this. Priming the coil first prevents the wicking material in the coil from getting overheated. It also allows the coil to work more fluidly and uniformly, preventing leaks and ensuring the intensity of your chosen aromatic remains substantial all the way through service.

The wick is key to absorbing the liquid through the tank and out through the gun's nozzle. If you can perform these easy steps every time you refill your tank, your tank coil will last longer and work better. Filling the tank is like putting petrol in a car, and priming the tank coil is like replenishing your oil reserves. The first helps the gun create smoke; the second allows the parts to work together effectively.

15 Steps To Take to Replace Your Aroma in the Flavour Blaster Gun

Take these steps when you first fill your Flavour Blaster with your chosen aromatic and when you subsequently run out and need to replace the vapour fragrance.

  1. Remove the tank safely from the gun by sliding the gun nozzle off

  2. Unscrew the lid to the tank

  3. Hold the base of the tank, and twist to unscrew the cap and place it down with the rubber

    facing upwards

  4. Remove the glass casing so you can see the wicking material in three windows around the

    coil base.

  5. Choose the correct aroma for your tank coil

  6. Add a drop of the aromatic to each of the three visible cotton tabs

  7. Run a few drops of the same aromatic around the open neck of the coil

  8. Replace the glass casin

  9. Squeeze your aroma into the tank, filling it almost to the top

  10. Put the first cap on, rubber side facing into the coil.

  11. Replace the second cap, rubber side facing the coil

  12. Leave the tank to settle for two minutes before putting back into the gun

  13. Slot the tank back into place on the Flavour Blaster Gun and replace the gun nozzle

  14. Activate the Flavour Blaster gun by pumping the trigger three times

  15. Test your aroma works, turn it off, or charge the gun, so it's ready to use.

A Note on Aromatics

It's vital to use one tank coil per aromatic flavour. This way, you avoid residual build-up of mixed flavours and get a clean, specific scent every time you use the gun. That's why our Kit comes with one reusable tank but five separate coils. If you mix your coils with multiple aromatics, you may not be eligible to claim against your one year warranty.

We also advise only using the our aromatic cocktail. The reasons are threefold:

  1. We can ensure their quality. All our aromatics are made from the best botanicals, sourced worldwide, hand-blended and selected for their expressiveness and quality

  2. They are all food-grade certified and allergy tested for safety purposes.

  3. They are rigorously tested for compatibility with our patented equipment, making sure they are not only safe but efficient and non-destructive to the materials in our technology.

Let us know if you have any problems priming and refilling your tank. We have a series of video tutorials you can follow to help learn your way around our technology and are happy to answer any questions you have.

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