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It's not all about the bubble! Alternative ways to aromatise your drinks using glassware

It's not all about the bubble! Alternative ways to aromatise your drinks using glassware

We may be known for the fun, burstable cocktail bubble, but we know that’s not for everyone. 

That’s why we developed our range of smokable glassware, allowing you to trap your favourite aroma without any bubble required! 

flavour Blaster™️ diamond rocks glassware

With our very own range of gilded cloches and diamond cut rocks glasses, you can still wow your guests with smoking drinks sans bubble. 

flavour Blaster™️ ultra thin smoke top lid glassware for smoking gun

For those guests who prefer a more sophisticated smoking drink, our rocks glasses are the perfect choice. Choose from either our diamond cut or ultra thin for a sleek serve, and to make smoking the drink more efficient, we have a range of smoke top lids allowing you to smoke the glass without even lifting the lid! 

flavour blaster coupe smoking glassware with aroma

Prefer to smoke your coupe or martini glass? Not a problem, our golden cloches are your new best friend. Also featuring an easy access point at the top of the cloche, you can smoke your drink without having to lift the cloche, maximising the aroma captured inside. Simply fill the cloche with aroma and take it to the guests table, when they are ready to drink, reveal the drink in a plume of aroma as the cloche lid is lifted! 

Flavour Blaster™️ aroma gun with smoke bubble

For added effect, why not add a bubble to your drink then place it in the cloche? This will allow the bubble to be hidden by aroma in the cloche, making for an even more exciting reveal! 

flavour Blaster™️ cocktail sipper glassware

Image Credit: Incognito Bar London

Looking for a more unique alternative? Our Cocktail Sipper was created with our more quirky customers in mind. Fill the chamber with your chosen aroma and for extra theatre, add an aroma bubble to the external plinth! Guests will love the interactivity and watching the aroma swirl around inside the glass!

flavour blaster vaux brewery beer aroma collaboration

Image credit: Vaux Brewery

Not bothered about the bells and whistles? Why not go back to basics and just trap your aroma under a beer mat! This is a simple, cost effective alternative to using lids and cloches, but the swirling aroma reveal is still just as exciting! 

The Flavour Blaster was designed with bartenders in mind, knowing that wood chip smoking was complicated and unnecessarily dangerous. We created the Flavour Blaster as an easier, faster alternative, allowing users to infuse a smoke aroma into drinks safely and with ease. Of course everybody enjoys a bubble, however we understand that not everybody needs one. That’s why it’s our mission to ensure that our customers can use their Flavour Blaster however they need to, whenever they need to. 

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