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It's Not Soap! Why You Should Only Use Flavour Blaster™️ Bubble X To Make Aroma Bubbles!

It's Not Soap! Why You Should Only Use Flavour Blaster™️ Bubble X To Make Aroma Bubbles!

It’s not soap! 

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again - our Bubble X formula is not regular bubble mix or soap! 

flavour Blaster™️ bubble x

Everybody at some stage of their lives has had the taste of soap in their mouths, so you can appreciate why it was so important for us that our bubble mix did NOT taste of chemicals! 

Forgetting the health risks involved with ingesting soap - the Flavour Blaster was designed to enhance your flavours, not drown them in a bitter chemical taste! 

Our Bubble X is specially formulated to be flavourless and safe to use on food and drink, so the only ingredients you will be tasting are the ones you intend to taste. 

Not only this, but our Bubble X has been tried and tested, and has been developed to be more robust than a regular bubble - it has to be strong enough to hold the pressure of the aroma swirling inside! If you have tried with regular bubble mix or dish soap, you may have found that the bubbles burst really quickly, and they seem very thin - this is because they are not designed to exist on top of food or drink. Structurally, our formula is stronger, which is why we always recommend you gently shake our mix before using, to activate the magic ingredients that make our bubbles so strong! 


flavour Blaster™️ bubble x

Not only this, our Bubble Mix has been tested with our other products and the Blaster™️ components, to ensure that it is safe to use with your Blaster™️. Use of any other brand or formula may lead to your product guarantee being invalidated (the same as using other branded or home made aromas). To ensure your Flavour Blaster™️ works efficiently, make sure you use approved Flavour Blaster™️ bubble mix from www.flavourblaster.com or a trusted distributor!

Although it can be tempting to use whatever dish soap, children’s bubble mixture or other soap based product that you have on hand, we strongly recommend that you don’t! 

Get your genuine, Flavour Blaster™️ approved Bubble X Mix here!

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