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May the Fourth Be With You: Out Of This World Cocktails To Make This Star Wars Day With Your Cocktail Bubble Gun

May the Fourth Be With You: Out Of This World Cocktails To Make This Star Wars Day With Your Cocktail Bubble Gun

May the Fourth Be With You: Out Of This World Cocktails To Make This Star Wars Day

Calling all Jedi, Sith and intergalactic party animals! Get ready to raise your glasses to a galaxy far, far away as leading hen party company Fizzbox joins forces with magical tavern, The Cauldron and cocktail connoisseurs Flavour Blaster, to create a range of Star Wars cocktails in celebration of Star Wars Day on May 4th!


Image Credit: FizzBox and The Cauldron 

Embark on a journey to a universe filled with flavour as The Cauldron's mixologists, along with Fizzbox and Flavour Blaster, whip up a collection of otherworldly drinks inspired by the iconic Star Wars saga. From lightsaber-inspired concoctions to drinks that’ll make you feel like you're sipping near the sands of Tatooine, there's something to delight every Star Wars fan's taste buds.

And the good news is that Fizzbox, The Cauldron and Flavour Blaster have shared the secrets to these delicious drinks, so you can shake up your very own Star Wars inspired cocktails at home, sure to add some serious wow factor to your May the 4th celebrations. 

Lightsaber Shots

Image Credit: FizzBox and The Cauldron


  • Melon liqueur (green)
  • Cherry liqueur (red)
  • Coconut liqueur (blue)


- Charge JetChill Shot Glasses
- Add liqueurs to shot glasses and dilute with water.
- Watch Dry Ice effect take place!

This is a large batch recipe that will make just over a litre of shots (approx 42 single servings or 21 double servings as we do at The Cauldron)

For larger or smaller batches scale up or down proportionately.

Do NOT omit the water. it is the thing that brings balance to all the forces in this drink and stops us from turning to the sickly side 

Hello There

Image Credit: FizzBox and The Cauldron 



- Combine vodka, gin, elderflower syrup, apple juice, lychee syrup and lemon juice in a shaker.
- Split between two shakers
- Shake with ice
- Pour 20ml blue curacao into the bottom of your fishbowl and top halfway with ice
- Single strain cocktail into the fishbowl.
- Serve 250ml (or two standard glasses!) of prosecco on the side with the recommendation that they are dumped into the top for a fizzy finish!
- Garnish with dehydrated citrus wheels, dehydrated apple slices, fresh mint sprigs & pomegranate seeds.
- Add a cloud of Flavour Blaster™️ Lychee Aroma with a Flavour Blaster™️ Aroma Gun for an extra burst of flavour
- Finally, equip with 4 lightsabers (I mean straws) just like the general himself.


The High Ground

Image Credit: FizzBox and The Cauldron


  • 25ml sweet sherry
  • 25ml smoky whisky
  • 15ml Angostura
  • Served with a giant toasted marshmallow
  • This one is strong!


- Pre-chill your serving glass (stemmed, ideally a Nick & Nora glass)
- Add the first three ingredients to a separate, large mixing glass.
- Add lots of ice and stir down for around 30 seconds (or roll the drink if you're a real pro)
- Torch one side of your giant marshmallow and once it starts to melt, stick it to the bottom of your stemmed service glass.
- Strain your drink into the pre-chilled glass.
- Toast marshmallow at the foot of the glass to desired level


The Sarlacc Pit

Image Credit: FizzBox and The Cauldron


  • 25ml Jameson’s Irish whisky
  • 25ml Cynar bitter Italian liquor
  • Classic Red Bull


- Fill a tumbler quarter of the way with Red Bull
- Fill a single shot glass halfway with Jameson's Irish whisky
- Fill shot glass to the top with Cynar (italian artichoke liqueur)
- Drop shot into your tumbler with Red Bull... you know the rest.


Blue Milk

Image Credit: Fizzbox and The Cauldron



- Combine all ingredients into a shaker
- Shake without ice - Very important to make sure all your dairy ingredients mix well and are able to become frothy!
- Shake with ice
- Shake hard one final time with 1-2 large ice cubes for a full 30 seconds or until your arms are tired! (you can also omit any more ice and just blend this final stage instead for easier/quicker frothing!)
- Strain into a tall glass, no ice required.
- Hopefully a straw will stand up right in the centre of the drink once finished. (If you're expecting to make a lot of these, you may want to blend with the final step instead of shake)
- Garnish with a Flavour Blaster™️ Vanilla Aroma Bubble tower using Flavour Blaster's new Multi Bubble Nozzle for an extraterrestrial treat! 


Cloud City

Image Credit: FizzBox and The Cauldron


  • 25ml Aperol 
  • 25ml tequila 
  • Rose and lime
  • Fluffy, bright and easy going


- Combine all ingredients into a shaker
- Dry shake (without ice)
- Wet shake (with ice)
- Dry shake once more for extra clouds!
- Strain into your serving glass
- Garnish with x3 pomegranate seeds and a fresh mint sprig
- Don't serve this to your mate Lando. He's not to be trusted.
- AT-AT Walker 3D model by Lukreds Emporium


Gemma Logan, party expert at Fizzbox said: "We're thrilled to partner with The Cauldron and Flavour Blaster to bring the magic of Star Wars to life through the art of mixology. May the Fourth is a day to celebrate all things Star Wars, and what better way to do that than with a lightsaber cocktail in hand?"

So grab your lightsabers, don your favourite Star Wars fancy dress and join the festivities at The Cauldron for a celebration that's truly out of this world! May the Force (and the cocktails) be with you! 

About Fizzbox:

Fizzbox is a leading hen party planning platform, offering a huge range of fun activities and experiences in the UK and Europe for brides-to-be and their entourage.

About The Cauldron:

The Cauldron is a magical tavern located in the heart of Brighton, London, Edinburgh, New York, Chicago and Philadelphia, known for its immersive experiences and inventive cocktails.

About Flavour Blaster:

Flavour Blaster is an innovative tech company that creates unique glassware and cocktail equipment such as the JetChill Dry Ice System and Flavour Blaster Aroma Gun. 

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