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New Years Eve Cocktail Inspo


With Easy to Follow Video Guides

We have never stopped being inspired by the creative genius of our customers and collaborators, but perhaps this year, more than any other, we want to celebrate all the amazing drinks our people have developed. So we look back on all the changes we’ve been through to get a little cocktail inspiration for this year's New Year's Eve shindig.

Winter: A Tropical Twist on the Espresso Martini

In the winter of this year, Flavour Blaster launched its Masterclass video programs. A series of talks run by bonafide professional bartenders at the top of their game. One cocktail came up that would be perfect for New Year's Eve, the Espresso Martiki. A fresh, tropical twist on the classic Espresso Martini invented by bar and barista maestro Martin Hudak.

Espresso Martiki

One freshly brewed espresso
30ml Not from concentrate pineapple juice
15ml Orgeat syrup — this is an almond liqueur and may contain nuts 20ml Cold brew coffee liqueur
45ml Plantation Pineapple Rum

Hard shake, strain into a chilled coupe martini glass, and garnish with a passion fruit aroma-filled bubble.

Autumn: Fancy Punch you Can Size up for Parties

In the season of colour, we introduced a series of new glassware, including the ice cream cones and octopus martinis. This was also the right time to introduce our nutmeg flavoring aroma, a perfect scent for seasonal cocktails. To celebrate the new glassware, we launched the Malabar Punch recipe. The best thing about parties is the punch, so make this drink on a larger scale if you have a lot of guests coming. A whole bottle of white wine will make 30 servings, so size up the other ingredients by 30 too, and instead of shaking each drink individually, add the ingredients to a punch bowl, add heaps of good quality cubed ice, and give it a stir.

Malabar Punch

10ml Lemongrass syrup
15ml Freshly squeezed lime juice
25ml Dry white wine
35ml Not from concentrate pineapple juice

35ml Havana 3yo Rum

Hard shake and double strain into an ice cream coupe glass, then garnish with  a lemongrass aroma - filled bubble.

Summer: Keep it Classy and Classic with Sours

Our summer absolutely flew by, and maybe that was due to our own version of the Olympics; the Flavour Blaster Flavour Olympics. This competition allows our Bubblehead bartenders worldwide to have a crack and win some top-notch prizes and merchandise. We also had a new team member join, in the shape of cocktail guru Tim Ward. Tim has 15 years of experience in cocktail bars and joined the team to provide a bespoke bar consultation service. We also introduced the What's Poppin' YouTube series, where the lovely Lorna learns about drink-related trends by interviewing high profile guests. She intro's Tim in an episode, and he talks about his love for the Whiskey Sour cocktail, a dead-good classic for a classy dinner party.

Whiskey Sour

2 Dashes Angostura Bitters
20ml 1:1 sugar syrup
20ml Freshly squeezed lemon juice 50ml Rittenhouse Rye 100 Proof Whiskey 20ml Fresh egg white

Shake without ice for about 10 seconds, then shake for another 10 seconds with ice. Serve into your choice of glass, depending on whether you like it straight up (in a martini glass) or on the rocks (in a rocks glass with ice). Garnish with a cinnamon

Spring: Put a Spritz in your step with Celebration Bubbles

Well, that was a mad one, wasn't it? We were all just coming out of the third lockdown, and boy did we come out with a bang. We launched a new website, new merchandise and made plans for a new and improved Flavour Blaster Pro Two release. Both the original and the new, improved Flavour Blaster were created in collaboration with the world-renowned cocktail bar owner, award-winning bartender and industry leader Simone Caporale. Here he is in the beta testing phase of the Flavour blaster bar tool development, making a delicious spritz full of vibrant flavours.

Nostrano Spritz

40ml of Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto Liqueur 10ml Martini Riserva Special Bitter
20ml Freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice 15ml Freshly squeezed lemon juice

15ml Blanco tequila

Hard shake, then open the shaker and pour in 70ml of sparkling wine. Stir the wine into the drink inside the shaker to prevent it from over foaming when you pour it into the glass. Double strain the drink into a prosecco glass and garnish with a passion fruit aroma-filled bubble.

We've come a long way from that beta testing phase, and the most significant thing we did in 2021 was the release of the Flavour Blaster Pro 2. Please take a look at our article on why we've made significant improvements, or watch Simone explain it himself from his bar Sips in Barcelona. If you’re after more recipe inspiration, we have added plenty to our website.

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