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flavour blaster ice glass

Party at Home 101: The Ultimate Guide - Everything You Need for an Unforgettable House Party


With the summer in full swing, and COVID restrictions lifted, there’s never been a better time to have a house party.

Thanks to the introduction of government restrictions, and the cost of living increasing, people are turning inwards for their party fix, choosing to have parties at home.

Gone are the days of queueing at midnight, losing your friends in the club, and paying far too much for off brand liquor.

Say hello to dancing in your jeans, and making your drinks exactly how you like them. The farthest commute you’ll make is up the stairs to bed, saving you serious money on club entry and taxis. No more cut off times for serving food, it’s your house - if you want to make chicken nuggets at 3am, nobody is stopping you! Don’t like the song? Get Alexa to change it! This is YOUR nightclub.


mini flavour blaster party


Ready to get planning? Then look no further. Keep on reading for the ultimate guide with everything you need to run a legendary house party.

1. Music - Is it really a party if there’s no music? Get that bluetooth speaker on charge and plug up the Hi-Fi systems. You’ll need a playlist full of anthems that are guaranteed to get your guests moving (That means no sad songs - Yes, that includes Ed Sheeran’s Perfect).

2. Alcohol - Duh. Make sure you get a good variety, different strokes for different folks. Get a range of spirits, and a mix of beer, cider and wine. Don’t forget about your good old designated drivers and sober friends, get a few zero alcohol bottles and some fancy mocktail mixes in. Do not forget the mixers. Whatever you think is a good amount of soda, double it. There is nothing worse than running out halfway through a party, besides, isn’t that how all horror movies start?

rocks glass

3. Snacks - Drunk people and toddlers are often compared to each other, for their lack of impulse control and their love of snacks. For a party that will really impress your guests, make sure to stock up on plenty of finger food, such as chips, garlic bread and fries. To really impress your guests, why not make a charcuterie board? Everybody loves cheese!

Remember to accommodate dietary requirements, there’s nothing worse than going hungry at a party because you have allergies.

flavour blaster

4. Lighting - Nobody wants to dance when they feel watched. Turn off the main lights, and set up a few lamps or fairy lights. Make sure you have sufficient ambient lighting, bonus points if it’s colourful!

5. Bins - Make your life easier, make sure you have bins scattered throughout the house to minimise the tidying up in the morning. A few buckets scattered around with a “Recycling” sign will do. Don’t forget to buy plenty of bin bags the day before. Hungover - future you will thank you.

6. Funky glassware - The difference between an average party, and a one to remember, is quirky glassware. Of course it’s fine to have disposable cups for your drinking games, like beer pong, but if you’re making instagrammable cocktails then you need to have nice glassware. Our ice cream glasses are sure to wow a crowd, and they come in a pack of 2.  After all, did you really have a party if the internet doesn’t know about it?

ice cream glass

7. A pack of playing cards - If you’re having a party, then you need to entertain your guests. The drinking games you can play with a pack of cards are limitless. Why not go a step further and get some decorative cards? It’s all about the finer details when impressing your guests.

8. A cocktail shaker kit - How are you going to make cocktails without a shaker and strainer? Anyone can eyeball a measure (nobody is counting), but to achieve the polar temperatures required for a professional standard cocktail, you’ll need a trusty shaker. 

octopus glass

9. And of course, no party would be complete without a Flavour Blaster MINI. Don’t let its size fool you, this nifty gadget packs a punch! Create showstopping cocktails at the click of a button, by creating aroma filled bubbles on the top of your glassware. The MINI has the option to create bubbles and aromatic vapour clouds, to elevate your cocktail experience and enhance your chosen flavours. With over 15 aromas to choose from including Citrus, Lavender and Lemongrass, there is an aroma for everyone. Use the aroma element on its own, or create a visual masterpiece by adding an aroma filled bubble to the top of your drinks. Designed for the home bartender, the MINI comes in 5 different colours, so you can rest easy knowing it will match your other kitchen gadgets.

The Flavour Blaster is one of a kind, and something your guests won’t have seen before, making your cocktails the most in demand on the block.

So now that you’ve got your list sorted, it’s time to invite your guests and let the fun commence!


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