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<p>12 month guarantee on products</p>

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Jan 6, 2022


Join the Bar Community that Bursts with Opportunity!

The Flavour Blaster Bubble Head loyalty club is an out-of-this-world, opportunity-filled community with access to surprises, news, exclusive gifts and reward points. It's perfect for you if you own or want to purchase a Flavour Blaster gun because every time you buy parts, refills and accessories, you can earn points, unlock free shipping, and get exclusive perks and prizes. You will also be the first to know about new products, see our behind-the-scenes processes, and gain early access to new products, news, and events.

Reward Points

Our reward points system is pretty easy to understand. If you spend money on our website, you will receive points. For each pound, you spend you get five points, and once you've collected 100 points, you have the equivalent of a pound. Earn enough points, and you'll get vouchers and prizes.

You can earn rewards by other means too. For just setting up an account, you get 250 coins. Like us on Facebook, you get another 50. The same goes for Instagram and the newsletter. Some of our accessories have extra points and will gain you extra coins if you purchase them. For example, buy a rocks glass with a lid and bam, 200 coins in your account. We're also pretty generous with points on your birthday.

On top of that, now and then, we will run double point weekends, like our Black Friday weekend in 2021 or run specials on parts and accessories. The best part? Just redeem your points as pounds at the checkout.

Membership Scales

The more you spend with us, the more you receive back. You begin with us on the Magenta tier and move up to Violet then Vanta levels. For each move up, you get more points back on your goods purchased.  For example 5% Magenta, 7% Violet and 10% Vanta. 

Free Gifts

Every few months, we'll run an internal competition for our Bubble Heads. For example, in 2021, we ran an exclusive opportunity to win a free bar menu makeover worth well over £1,000. Winners would get:

  • Bespoke cocktail menu creation, from concept to creation worth over £750
  • Menu designed by our in-house artist worth over £250
  • Unique glassware worth over £100
  • Cocktail training, support and consultancy worth over £300
  • A selection of aromas to compliment your exciting new menu worth over £75


We have a pretty good social team, but really, our wealth is in you guys and our exclusive Bubble Heads Official Facebook community. You can ask questions, start discussion threads, and share recipes, tips, videos, or photos of your creations. 


All our official Bubble Heads merchandise features original designs by our in-house superstar illustrator Lorna. From baseball caps to beanies and logo Ts to embroidered sweats and pin badges for days, they're all super unique and uber comfortable. And guilt free. All our garments are vegan approved, organic, fair wear items.


2021 saw the launch of some off the charts new stuff from Flavour Blaster, and 2022 is set to be just as spicy. Last year we released the all-new and improved Flavour Blaster Pro II, as well as two new aromas and several pieces of innovative glassware. This year there are hints of 3D printed, 'lit' new accessories and a little piece of Flavour Blaster technology for the home bar enthusiast. Want to learn more? Sign up to become a mighty Bubble Head on the website, and be sure to click the opt in to our newsletter.

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