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The Flavour Blaster Community In Australia

The Flavour Blaster Community In Australia

 ...And Where You Can Get Your Asian Pacific Flavour Blaster Fix.


Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy! Yes, alright, we hate it when Australia beats us at cricket, but we forgive them because their bar scene is so unbelievably good. Go to any major town in Australia, and you'll be given quality cocktails and hospitable service that'll knock you for six!


"People are now coming to our venue and asking for that drink with the bubble."

Martin Hudak @martin_hudak


Perhaps it helps that our co-founder and Managing Director Colin Myers is a true blue Aussie hailing from Sydney, but we've had a resounding success with Flavour Blaster in Australia. We have bars in Perth, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney serving cocktails with Flavour Blaster cocktail bubbles.


maybe Sammy


The Australian Bar Scene


And for a good reason, there's a small indie bar scene burgeoning in Australia with thoughtful owners who want to shun pretension and offer intriguing cocktail menus. They have well-trained bartenders, some of them internationally renowned, who can make anything from classic to creative avant-garde cocktails on spec.


For example, multi-award-winning Aussie bartender and barrister Martin Hudak is originally from Slovakia, runs his own coffee consultancy, is the brand ambassador for Australian coffee liqueur Mr Black alongside working for the award-winning set of bars in Sydney called Maybe Sammy and Sammy Junior where he and his team use the Flavour Blaster Cocktail Kit.


"Our most viewed, commented on and liked pictures and videos are always the ones with Flavour Blaster bubbles. It always brings attention and creates a bit of fame. People are now coming to our venue and asking for “that drink with the bubble” rather than the name of the drink.”

Martin Hudak @martin_hudak



Maybe Sammy Awards


  • Named 11th best cocktail bar in the world by leading international publisher, Worlds Best Bars.
  • Won Best Cocktail List at the 2019 Australian Liquor Industry Awards.
  • Won Cocktail Bar of the Year and Bar Team of the Year at Bartender Magazine's Australian Bar Awards in the same year.
  • Best New International Cocktail Bar 2019 at Tales of the Cocktail's Spirited Awards.


Based on a Las Vegas-style, 50s themed club bar, the name 'Maybe Sammy' moniker comes from the posters advertising The Rat Pack singing group. The website attributes the bar's success to "the bubble guns, flamingos and the staff behind the bar, as well as a good dash of playful attitude.”

maybe sammy

image source: https://www.vacationstravel.com/maybe-sammy-cocktail-bar-opens-in-sydney/ 


If you’d like to read more testimonials, then check out our many case studies from around the globe.


If you're based in the Asia Pacific region and want to get hold of any Flavour Blaster stock, you can use our website directly or find a supplier listed on our distributor page.


If you'd like to get your Flavour Blaster cocktail fix, you can explore the bars that serve bubble gun cocktails via our 'Find a Flavour Blaster' map on the website.




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