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There's Nothing Vanilla About Our Vanilla! 12 Ways To Use Our Vanilla Aroma On Your Menu!

There's Nothing Vanilla About Our Vanilla! 12 Ways To Use Our Vanilla Aroma On Your Menu!

Vanilla has been one of our most highly requested aromas of all time, and your wish is our command! 

We have worked very hard to create a smooth, creamy vanilla aroma that can be used on both food and drink! 

flavour blaster smoking bubble gun for vanilla aroma

Now it's here, we want to give you some inspiration on how to incorporate it into your menu!

Drinks Menu Ideas

1. Why not add our vanilla aroma to your spiced drinks, such as spiced rum? The creamy sweetness will pair perfectly with the spices in your spirit, creating a truly comforting drink. 

2. It's a well known fact that vanilla pairs well with fruity flavours, so try adding our vanilla aroma to the tiki cocktails on your menu! The rich vanilla aroma will enhance any sweetness in your drinks, bonus points if the drink is spiced!

flavour Blaster™️ vanilla aroma smoked cocktail bubble

3. Level up your Espresso Martini and coffee based cocktails by adding a vanilla aroma bubble garnish! Coffee and vanilla are a match made in heaven, and will add a touch of sweetness to balance out any bitterness in the coffee.

4. Passionfruit Martini's are known for their vanilla vodka addition, so why not try swapping out your passionfruit aroma bubble for a vanilla aroma bubble? Or better yet, place your passionfruit martini under a cloche and aromatise your drink with both vanilla and passionfruit aromas by swapping the aroma tanks in your Blaster! Having one tank per aroma allows for easy aroma combinations without mixing the aroma liquids! 

5. Bring out the vanilla notes in your preexisting drinks by pairing our vanilla aroma with your current recipes! It will add an extra hit of that sweet vanilla goodness to any recipe, such as vanilla gin, vodka or even just Vanilla Coke! 

flavour Blaster™️ vanilla aroma smoked cocktail

6. Our aromas aren't just for alcohol, and will elevate any mocktail or soft drink! Looking for a way to make your milkshake stand out? A vanilla aroma bubble from your cocktail bubble gun will attract customers from far and wide! Add a vanilla cloud to your root beer or cream soda for an exciting twist - perfect for every age! 

7. We designed our aromas to be used on both hot and cold drinks, and what better way to level up your regular hot chocolate than adding a vanilla aroma bubble? Place it directly onto the hot chocolate, or onto the whipped cream to create the ultimate loaded hot chocolate! 


Food Menu Ideas 

1. Vanilla is a classic staple flavour in so many desserts, and our aroma can be used to emphasise preexisting flavours or to compliment flavours already in the dish. Present the ultimate dessert to your guests by revealing from under a cloche, in a plume of vanilla aroma! Or why not impress them with table service application, by adding a bubble filled with vanilla aroma for added theatre.

flavour Blaster™️ vanilla aroma smoked dessert

2. Not only can our aroma be used on regular desserts, our aroma can be used to add an illusion of extreme temperature. Want to emphasise how cold your frozen dessert is? Or want to make your warm dessert appear to be appetisingly smoking hot? Incorporate our vanilla aroma to give a visually aesthetically pleasing effect, whilst adding a unique twist by offering a delicious vanilla scent!

3. Just like in the drink industry, vanilla is known for its versatility and popularity with fruit flavours. Why not add a cloud of vanilla aroma the next time you serve fresh fruit to your guests for some added richness? Elevate any strawberries and cream dish by infusing vanilla aroma to your cream before serving. 

flavour Blaster™️ vanilla aroma smoked dessert

4. Our aroma bubbles may thrive in humid conditions, however our aroma cloud alone can be used in any situation or setting! We created our vanilla aroma with pastry chefs around the world in mind, with the warm creamy aroma pairing perfectly with buttery flaky pastry for a delicious richness. Why not add some vanilla aroma to your pastry cloches, for an enticing reveal when serving a pastry in your cafe?

5. Looking for a way to make your digestif menu more interesting? Why not add a vanilla aroma to your coffee menu, to add a sweetness to your coffee without any added sugar or flavour!

Now that we have provided you with some creative ways to try out our new vanilla aroma, we hope you can introduce it to your menu with welcome arms, and we hope you love it as much as we do! 

Remember, if you're purchasing any new aromas, we recommend using a separate tank for each aroma, so make sure you add an extra tank and coil into your basket when purchasing our new vanilla aroma for easy aroma switching during service! 


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