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What Is The Viral Cocktail Bubble Gun That Robert Irwin Is Using On That Google Ad?

What Is The Viral Cocktail Bubble Gun That Robert Irwin Is Using On That Google Ad?



@robertirwin My FIRST mocktail made, all thanks to the Google app! Just snap, search, and sip – it's that easy! #ad ♬ original sound - Robert Irwin


So the internet are currently losing their minds over the new Google Ad featuring National Treasure Robert Irwin making a "purple flavour" cocktail and finishing it off with a cocktail bubble using his cocktail bubble gun. (ICYMI - watch the ad here.)

Using the super handy Google Lens, he was able to reverse image search his bubble gun to find out exactly how to use it. 

But what exactly is it? 

The bubble gun in question is actually a Flavour Blaster MINI aroma gun, which does exactly as Robert describes - it creates fun bubbles on cocktails! 

flavour blaster bubble gun with ice cream cone glassware

Ice Cream Glass available at www.flavourblaster.com.

You may have noticed that once the bubble bursts, a plume of smoke escapes from the glass. That's because the Flavour Blaster aroma gun fills each of its bubbles with a scented aroma of your choice! 

flavour blaster bubble gun

Cloche and Bubble Gun available at www.flavourblaster.com.

Choose from over 20 aromas to use on both food and drink, and use it in the same way as a wood chip smoker. Being USB powered, this bubble gun is so much easier than a wood chip smoker, as demonstrated effortlessly by Robert Irwin here!

So now we know what it is, the next question is how do we get one? 

Well good news, Flavour Blaster™️ ship worldwide and you can order your very own MINI Blaster™️ here!

Flavour Blaster™️ maybe sammy bubble gun

Credit: @maybe_sammy_sydney on Instagram

You might be thinking that the smoke bubble cocktail looks familiar, and you'd be correct, as Flavour Blaster™️ bubble guns are used in venues around the world, including Maybe Sammy over in Sydney, Australia! 

Burstable cocktail bubble gun garnishes are all the rave for 2024, and predicted to only get bigger - even the team at Google are noticing! It makes complete sense to jump on this trend whilst it's still hot, besides - who doesn't want a passion fruit scented bubble on their cocktail? 

Now if you'll excuse us, we're about to ask our Google Nest to order us a Flavour Blaster MINI bubble gun ready for our next BBQ! 

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