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Glassware - Mexskeletons Decanter Set & 4 Shot Glass - Black with Haku Lei

$134.95 (excl. VAT)
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One of kind hand-painted decanter set, skillfully crafted by an artisan in Mexico. The delicate process for the elaborate design of this bottle and the shots glasses takes the artisan many hours to complete. The head of the bottle is a skull made out of clay and it's signed by the artist. The bottle is not only a decoration but it also has the functionality to be filled with any desired liquid transforming this piece of art into a beautiful utility.

The bottle holds 750 ml (25oz) and comes with a cork so you can refill it with any spirit or liquid. The bottle can be customized with a name or a small message.
The shot glasses hold 2oz (60ml) each.

Set includes:

1x Decanter (750ml)

4x Shot Glasses (60ml ea)

1x Haku Lei

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