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Tray - Iridescent

$29.95 (excl. VAT)
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Live life in full colour...

Introducing our new Iridescence Tray – a captivating blend of functionality and enchanting beauty. This stunning tray features a smooth, glossy surface adorned with an iridescent finish, creating a mesmerising play of shifting colors. Its versatile design makes it perfect for organising, serving, or adding a touch of elegance to any space. Experience the magic of iridescence with our latest captivating tray.

Maximise your bar top space while maintaining cleanliness and showcasing your Cocktail Aroma ingredients and equipment with our innovative Flavour Blaster Iridescent Tray.

To achieve optimal results with the Flavour Blaster aromas, it's essential to have separate tanks for each flavour. Our integrated organising tray enables you to systematically group your flavours and equipment, ensuring efficient service and preventing flavour contamination between stations, shifts, or staff members.

Keep everything in order and enhance service speed with this convenient tray.

The tray is sleek, modern and designed to fit into your back bar display.


  • 8x Aroma (10ml)
  • 8x Tank
  • 2x Bubble X (180ml)
  • 1x Atomiser
  • 1x Bubble X Bowl

Size: 25.5cm L x 16.5cm W x 7.5cm H

Handwash only.

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