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100 Halloween Drink Names For Your Cocktail Menu This Halloween

100 Halloween Drink Names For Your Cocktail Menu This Halloween

Your list of 100 Cocktail Names!

So it's that time of year again, when you're inevitably planning your big Halloween party, and you need to come up with a name for your spooky halloween punch. 

Whether you're developing a themed cocktail menu or just throwing leftover spirits together in a punch bowl, we've done the hard work for you and brainstormed 100 Halloween drink names to save you hours of scrolling on Pinterest for inspiration! 

flavour Blaster™️ halloween cocktail names for smoking cocktail bubble gun

  1. Witch's Brew Martini
  2. Haunted Spirits Sour
  3. Ectoplasm Elixir
  4. Zombie Zest Zinger
  5. Vampire Venom
  6. Spooky Sipper
  7. Ghostly Goblet
  8. Black Widow's Bite
  9. Boozy Banshee Punch
  10. Phantom Fruit Punch
  11. Werewolf Whiskey Sour
  12. Cursed Cranberry Cooler
  13. Cauldron Concoction
  14. Midnight Magic Mojito
  15. Crypt Keeper's Cooler
  16. Vampire's Kiss Martini
  17. Wicked Witch's Brew
  18. Haunting Hurricane
  19. Mummy's Mocha Martini
  20. Poisoned Apple Punch
  21. Zombie Apocalypse Punch
  22. Eerie Eyeball Elixir
  23. Devil's Delight Daiquiri
  24. Ghoulish Grape Goblet
  25. Sinister Sip of the Dead
  26. Blood Moon Bellini
  27. Caramel Apple Creep
  28. Wraith's Whiskey Smash
  29. Phantom Pina Colada
  30. Potion of Peril
  31. Pumpkin Patch Punch
  32. Bat Wing Bramble
  33. Witches' Whiskey Warmer
  34. Spiced Specter Sour
  35. Chilling Chai Latte
  36. Frankenstein's Fizz
  37. Voodoo Vodka Cooler
  38. Mysteriously Melon Mimosa
  39. Cauldron Cider Crush
  40. Cryptkeeper's Cosmo
  41. Moonlit Margarita
  42. Phantom Peach Punch
  43. Goblin's Goblet
  44. Poltergeist Paloma
  45. Enchanted Elixir
  46. Haunted Hibiscus Fizz
  47. Black Magic Martini
  48. Wacky Warlock Whiskey
  49. Scary Mary's Bloody Mary
  50. Gory Gimlet
  51. Ghostbusters Goblet
  52. Skeleton Screwdriver
  53. Wicked Web Whiskey
  54. Haunted House Highball
  55. Phantom Fizz
  56. Bloodsucker's Sangria
  57. Ghoulish Ginger Ale
  58. Witches' Brew Mule
  59. Zombie's Zeal
  60. Vampiric Vanilla Chai
  61. Cauldron Cooler
  62. Hauntingly Hot Toddy
  63. Poisoned Pomegranate Punch
  64. Witching Hour Whiskey
  65. Moonshine Mischief
  66. Cursed Candy Corn Collins
  67. Zombie Punch Bowl
  68. Ghostly Gin Gimlet
  69. Midnight Mulled Wine
  70. Wicked Wizard's Whiskey
  71. Vampire's Velvet Vesper
  72. Eerie Espresso Martini
  73. Spiced Specter Sling
  74. Mummy's Mango Mojito
  75. Caramel Apple Cordial
  76. Goblin's G&T
  77. Phantom Frosé
  78. Bloody Belladonna
  79. Witches' Whiskey Sour
  80. Scary Soursop Spritz
  81. Pumpkin Pie Paradise
  82. Bat's Blood Bramble
  83. Voodoo Vanilla Vodka
  84. Mysteriously Melancholy Margarita
  85. Cauldron Cocoa
  86. Cryptic Cranberry Crush
  87. Moonlit Mint Julep
  88. Phantom Plum Punch
  89. Ghoulishly Green Goblet
  90. Poltergeist Pineapple Pisco
  91. Enchanted Elderflower Elixir
  92. Haunted Hazelnut Highball
  93. Blackberry Broomstick Bramble
  94. Wacky Walnut Whiskey
  95. Scary Spice Sangria
  96. Gory Green G&T
  97. Ghoulish Gingerbread Gimlet
  98. Witches' Walnut Warmer
  99. Zombie Zombie Zombie
  100. Vampire's Vanilla Vesper

If that's not enough inspiration, we don't know what is! 

For recipe ideas to go alongside your spooky names, check out our cocktail recipe playlist on YouTube - it's packed full of spooktacular recipes to give your guests a chill!

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