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5 Ways To Transform Your Piña Colada This International Pineapple Day!

5 Ways To Transform Your Piña Colada This International Pineapple Day!

It's International Pineapple Day, so naturally we will be celebrating with Piña Colada! 
Everybody has enjoyed a Piña Colada before, so how can you make yours stand out?
Don't worry, we have five easy ways to make your Piña Colada taste amazing.
  1. Experiment with Different Fruit Flavours: While traditional Piña Coladas use pineapple as the main fruit flavour, you can mix it up by adding other fruits to the mix. Try blending in fresh strawberries, mangoes, or even passion fruit to give your Piña Colada a unique twist and a burst of exciting flavours.

  2. Toasted Coconut Rim: Take your glass to the next level by rimming it with toasted coconut flakes. Dip the rim of the glass in some coconut cream or lime juice, and then roll it in toasted coconut flakes. This simple addition will add a delightful tropical touch and enhance the overall presentation of your Piña Colada.

  3. Spiced Infusions: Add an extra layer of complexity to your Piña Colada by infusing your rum with spices. You can try infusing your rum with cinnamon sticks, vanilla pods, or even star anise. Simply place the spices in the rum and let them steep for a few days before using the infused rum in your cocktail. The subtle spiced notes will elevate the flavour profile of your Piña Colada.

  4. Float Some Dark Rum: To give your Piña Colada an unexpected twist, try floating a small amount of dark rum on top of the drink. The rich and robust flavours of the dark rum will provide a pleasant contrast to the sweetness of the coconut and pineapple. It also adds a visually appealing layer to the cocktail.

  5. Garnish with a Flavour Blaster Aroma Bubble: Add an extra pop of flavour to your Piña Colada with a Flavour Blaster aroma! Whether you add a coconut aroma bubble on top, or smoke it under a cloche with our smoke aroma - adding an aroma garnish is the perfect way to elevate your cocktail. Want to create a more fruity Piña Colada? Our mixed berry aroma or citrus aroma would work a treat!

Now you know the secret to a world renowned Piña Colada, add it to your menu and sit back and relax while it becomes your best selling drink! 

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