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A short history of Bubblegum Cocktails

A short history of Bubblegum Cocktails

The exact origin of adding bubblegum flavor to cocktails is unclear, but it's likely that the trend started in the late 20th century or early 21st century as a part of the rise in flavoured cocktails and the growth of mixology as an art form. The trend may have been influenced by the popularity of bubblegum-flavoured candies, as well as a desire to add a playful and fun element to traditional cocktails. The trend has continued to gain popularity and can now be found in many bars and restaurants around the world.
In recent years top influencers like tipsy bartender added to the craze by creating popular YouTube videos showcasing their bubblegum flavoured cocktail creations. Tipsy Bartender, along with other mixologists and bartenders, has helped to popularise bubblegum flavoured cocktails by sharing their recipes and techniques for creating these fun and playful drinks. By creating visually appealing and tasty bubblegum cocktails, these mixologists have inspired others to try their hand at making these drinks at home, and have helped to bring attention to the trend in the broader cocktail community. Their popularity on social media has also helped to spread the trend and has made bubblegum flavoured cocktails a popular choice among cocktail enthusiasts.
Our new bubblegum aroma garnish will add an extra burst of flavour to cocktails, mocktails and food because it allows for an additional layer of sensory experience. The aroma garnish enhances the overall taste and smell of the drink or food, adding an extra dimension to the flavour profile. This can help to bring out the bubblegum flavour in the drink or food and make it more intense and appealing. Furthermore, the aroma garnish can add a playful and fun element to the presentation of the drink or food, making it more visually appealing and Instagram-worthy. Additionally, the aroma garnish can help to trigger memories and emotions associated with bubblegum, adding a nostalgic element to the experience. Overall, the bubblegum aroma garnish can enhance the taste, smell, and presentation of cocktails, mocktails, and food, making them more enjoyable and memorable.

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