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How to pair Bubblegum in cocktails

How to pair Bubblegum in cocktails

Here are some flavours that pair well with bubblegum:

  1. Fruity flavours like strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry.
  2. Sweet flavours like cotton candy and candy corn.
  3. Sour flavours like lemon and lime.
  4. Minty flavours like peppermint and spearmint.
  5. Spicy flavours like cinnamon and nutmeg.

When pairing bubblegum flavour in cocktails, consider complementing or contrasting the flavour profile. For example, a sour flavour like lemon can bring out the sweetness in bubblegum, while a minty flavour can add freshness and balance out the sweetness.


Here are some spirits that pair well with bubblegum cocktails:

  1. Vodka - neutral spirit that allows the bubblegum flavour to shine through.
  2. Rum - adds a touch of sweetness to the bubblegum flavour.
  3. Tequila - brings a light and fresh taste to the bubblegum flavour.
  4. Gin - adds a herbal and botanical aspect to the bubblegum flavour.
  5. Whiskey - adds a smoky and woody flavour to the bubblegum flavour.

It's important to note that different types of each spirit can have varying flavour profiles, so consider experimenting with different brands to find the one that best complements the bubblegum flavour in your cocktail.

Bubblegum flavour works best with white spirits including vodka and gin. White spirits like vodka and gin have a neutral flavour profile that allows the bubblegum flavour to shine through. Additionally, these spirits can help to bring out the sweetness and playful nature of the bubblegum flavour, making it a great addition to cocktails. When using white spirits in bubblegum cocktails, consider balancing the sweetness of the bubblegum with sour or bitter flavours, such as lemon or bitters, to create a well-rounded and balanced drink. Additionally, consider using fresh and fruity ingredients, such as strawberries or raspberries, to complement the bubblegum flavour and add a touch of freshness to the cocktail.
You might be surprised to see that bubblegum actually works in whiskey cocktails too. Bubblegum can work well as long as it's balanced with other flavours to avoid overpowering the whiskey's rich and complex flavour profile. Bubblegum can add a sweet and playful note to whiskey cocktails, complementing the smoky and woody notes of the whiskey.  When making a whiskey cocktail with bubblegum, consider using a whiskey with a lighter flavour profile, such as a bourbon or a blended whiskey, to avoid overwhelming the bubblegum flavour.



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