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 If you’re all about hosting the home parties everyone remembers for the finest reasons, and you haven’t yet been introduced to Flavour Blaster, it’s time to sit down as we explain to you precisely what makes this unique product such a revelation.

Flavour Blaster isn’t new; the Pro version of our cocktail smoking gun – the first such product in the world – was launched back in 2019. 


A lot, of course, has happened in the world since then. And while this handheld machine with its exciting technology has won rave reviews from across the hospitality industry, we also realise that the rich aromatic experiences Flavour Blaster makes possible aren’t only of relevance to the highest-end bars, restaurants, and events. 

This brings us neatly onto the subject of the Flavour Blaster MINI kit, which enables you to raise your game when it comes to your home cocktails – whatever company you might be enjoying at your next house party. 

Pull the trigger on a whole new world of cocktail flavours under your own roof 

The Flavour Blaster legend has come a long way in a very short time. It was only as recently as 2017 that a prototype was created, drawing upon easy-to-use technology capable of replicating the theatrics of dry ice and smoke. 

A year later, Flavour Blaster became a reality for a much broader audience, receiving thousands of advance orders from around the globe. What those customers received was no less than the first-ever handheld device capable of utilising vapour technology to create edible bubbles, flavour mist, and smoke clouds. 

And now, with Flavour Blaster MINI, you can have that very same experience at home. Whether you’re looking to infuse aromas onto cocktails, mocktails, food or desserts for your next at-home bash, it’s all possible with our pioneering kit. 

Showstopping sensations on offer from an industry-changing product 

The remarkable sensory experiences that Flavour Blaster MINI enables could be with you and your evening party guests even sooner than you think. 

That’s because the Flavour Blaster MINI kit is available to purchase from us online right now, comprising everything you will need in order to create aroma-filled bubbles and aroma clouds at home. You can get your MINI bubble smoke gun in a range of colours – including purple, red, black, green, and pink – and delivery is possible to the UK or USA. 

Why, then, wait any longer to immerse yourself in the visual, aroma and taste experience of Flavour Blaster, with the people you most love, in the comfort of your own abode? 

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