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beer with smoking gun bubble

Craft Beer & Aroma Guns: A Match Made in Heaven

Craft beer, with its diverse flavours and tantalising taste profiles, has become a global sensation. Yet, in the intricate world of gastronomy, there is always an element of surprise, a unique pairing that enhances our perception of the familiar. In this case, it's the intriguing pairing of craft beer with smoking gun aromas. Yes, you heard it right! Pairing the rich, complex profiles of craft beer like that from Vaux Brewery with the aromatic subtleties created by a smoking gun can make for an immersive, multi-sensory drinking experience.

cloche smoking gun

Firstly, let’s delve into what a 'smoking gun' is in the context of flavour. A smoking gun is a device used to infuse smoky aromas into food and drinks... or in our case not just smoke, but 20 unique flavours. When these nuanced aromas are paired with the sophisticated craft beer palette, the result is an extraordinary symphony of tastes.

smoking gun beer cloche spa

Let's consider the bold and hoppy India Pale Ales (IPAs). The inherent bitterness of IPAs is offset by citrus or piney flavours. When paired with a subtle citrus aroma, the balance of flavours is enhanced, creating a depth that tantalises the taste buds. The delicate smokiness complements the strong, hoppy notes of the beer, amplifying its natural aromas and flavours. 

Another favourite among craft beer lovers is the dark, robust Stout. Famous for its strong coffee and chocolate notes, a Stout presents an ideal canvas for a heavier aroma gun flavour. Imagine sipping a Stout infused with whispers of coconut or mixed berries. The added aroma complements the rich flavours, bringing forth an enhanced tasting experience, akin to savouring a freshly brewed cup of coffee by a crackling fire. 

Let's not forget the lighter beer varieties, like Pilsners and Wheat Beers. These brews, known for their crisp and refreshing notes, can be elevated by pairing with subtle, sweet Flavour Blaster smoking gun aromas. Mesquite, with its inherent sweetness, can be the perfect partner to these lighter beers. The flavourful infusion adds complexity, making every sip a journey of nuanced flavours. 

Pairing craft beers with smoking gun aromas not only creates a feast for your taste buds but also a spectacle for your nose and eyes. Watching the smoky swirls rise from the glass, inhaling the beautifully infused aromas, and finally tasting the subtly smoke-infused beer is a gastronomic performance that appeals to all your senses.

flight of beers vaux brewery

But remember, when it comes to infusing craft beers, the key is balance. The goal is not to overpower the beer's original taste profile but rather to elevate it, bringing out the intricate flavours and creating a unique sensory experience.

Craft beer and smoking gun aromas make an unlikely, yet astonishingly harmonious pairing. This creative fusion of flavours and aromas offers a refreshing spin on traditional beer tasting, paving the way for endless explorations in the craft beer universe. So, why not add a smoking gun to your arsenal of beer accessories? Take a leap into this realm of Flavour Blasting aromatical, frothy magic and let the adventurous blend of aromas make your craft beer experience truly unforgettable.

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