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Flavour Blaster Special Edition White Pro for Cocktail Smoking Bubble Drinks

Introducing The New Special Edition White Pro Flavour Blaster

What’s the difference between the Pro 2 and the Special Edition White Pro? 

Sure it says special on the tin, but does it really compare? 


flavour blaster special edition white pro and white bubble glass for smoking bubble cocktail

Back when we released the Special Edition White Pro cocktail bubble gun in November 2022, we launched a new upgrade which was exclusive to the White Pro

The White Pro featured a magnetic nozzle, which was new for the Flavour Blaster™️ cocktail bubble gun at the time! The magnetic nozzle made it easier to remove and change tanks, making it quicker to switch aromas in a busy venue. It also had a new upgraded look! 

At the time, the White Prowas the only Blaster with a magnetic nozzle, making it our latest upgraded version. 

Since then, we have recently released our latest Pro 2.4 in black, which is also compatible with magnetic nozzles. The difference is, the new Pro 2.4 comes in standard black with a black nozzle, and if you’d like to upgrade to a different colour nozzle, you must now purchase this separately. 

The White Pro cocktail bubble gun comes with a silver nozzle as standard, so if you want a silver nozzle, you will actually save money purchasing a White Pro instead, as you won’t need to buy an extra nozzle

Not to mention that our White Pro is a special edition, meaning it is only available for a limited time. Once they’re gone, they’re gone, making the White Pro a rare collectible edition! 

We created the White Pro to give more individuality to owners, allowing you to use a blaster that truly resonates with your personality! Now you can customise your blaster even further with a magnetic nozzle of your choice, and choose a black or white look to suit your venue. 

Our White Pro is also the perfect choice for weddings and premium events, where there are colour schemes to adhere to, and you just need that elevated class

Do you need a White Flavour Blaster in your life? 

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