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Pro vs MINI - Which Flavour Blaster is right for me?

Pro vs MINI - Which Flavour Blaster is right for me?

Pro vs MINI - Which Flavour Blaster should you buy?

So, you’ve decided it’s finally time to treat yourself (or your business) to a new Flavour Blaster.

There’s only one thing holding you back. 

Pro or MINI?

It’s like the chicken and the egg argument all over again. Well, except it’s not, because we have created this handy article to debate it for you, so you don’t have to ponder and research for hours.

Some of you may be wondering, what on earth is a Pro? I came here because I want a MINI. But if you are a business owner, or looking to use your Flavour Blaster frequently, then you may want to take a peek at our Pro 2.

So let’s get into it. 

First a little bit of history:

Our Flavour Blaster Pro came to fruition when our directors had the genius idea to capture a flavoured aroma in a bubble, to be used commercially around the world as a garnish for food and drinks. 

After exceeding everyone’s expectations and taking the world by storm, there created a huge demand for a smaller, more affordable version for individuals to use at home with their friends and family. 

Enter the MINI. 

The smaller, more colourful younger sibling of the Pro 2, with a more family friendly price point. 

So which one is right for you? 

Let’s dive into the details. 

Pro vs MINI infographic

As you can see from the helpful diagram above, the Pro has essentially twice the wow factor that the MINI has. But let’s break it down further.


If you are only planning on using your MINI for the occasional drink on a weekend, and time isn’t of the essence, the MINI is perfect for you. Operating with a 15 watt aroma power, the MINI is able to create a fruity bubble on top of your cocktail in just 4 seconds! 

If you run your own business, and are looking for a new way to impress your customers, you may not have the luxury of a longer wait time. Whether you’re catering for an event, or own a small restaurant, you don’t want to keep your guests waiting. With an impressive 2 second bubble speed, and a stronger aroma power, the Pro 2 is the Flavour Blaster you want in your corner. 


Coming in at a hefty 2kg, the Pro 2 was designed for a much weightier feel, to add to its sleek, professional look. Standing at 8 inches tall, this beast will dominate your countertop, making it a great choice if you want something that feels a little more permanent. If you are looking to leave your Blaster out on display, our Pro 2 is nice and sturdy, and will sit impressively until called back into action.

Don’t be fooled by its size, the MINI is small but mighty. Coming in at a much smaller 6 inches, the MINI is designed to be used by all the family. Weighing only 1kg, even the little ones can pick it up with ease. Having a much smaller base, the MINI is perfect for sitting on your drinks trolley or kitchen shelf, without taking up too much space. 

Colour Options

Understandably, the MINI’s main appeal is its fun pastel appearance. Available in Blush Pink, Proton Purple,Ruby Red and Aqua Menthe, there is a colour to match every personality. The MINI is the perfect way to express yourself, and is definitely a kitchen essential. With a range of colours to choose from, there will always be an option to match home decor. 

Prefer a more professional look? Our Pro 2 comes in a sleek Jet Black. Want a more customisable look for your business or home, without the bright colours of the MINI? Our magnetic, metal nozzles are interchangeable and come in Black, Gold, Silver and Rose Gold, so your Pro can truly look the part. 

Flavour Blaster MINI colour range

Disposable vs Reusable Tanks 

Currently, our MINI only uses a disposable aroma tank. We developed these nifty tanks to help MINI owners change their aromas and coils with ease. With the average homeowners occasional use, our disposable tanks will last up to 8 weeks before needing to be changed. As the disposable tanks are sealed shut, it is not possible to clean them out, and they need to be disposed of once the coil inside has burnt out. This means aromas are not interchangeable within the tank, you must have a separate disposable tank for each aroma. Our MINI kit comes with two aromas (Passionfruit and Citrus), and a disposable tank for each aroma. If you want to try any additional aromas, you must order a separate disposable tank for each aroma. 

The disposable aroma tanks make changing the tank super easy, just remove the old one, and pop in a new one. You can keep your other disposable tanks and interchange them, if you want to use a different aroma, but please do not mix aromas in the same tank, or you will learn the hard way that some scents should not mix. We have some great storage trays for you to keep your aroma tanks on, if you do decide to buy multiple aromas. 

If you don’t like the sound of buying lots of disposable tanks every few weeks, and you want to really explore our range of 26+ aromas, our Pro 2 may be a better choice for you. The Pro 2 includes a reusable tank, 4 tank coils, and comes with a starter kit of 5 aromas (Citrus, Mixed Berry, Neutral, Smoke and Rosemary). This is a great choice for anyone who is looking to use their Flavour Blaster multiple times a week, and wants to use a wide range of aromas. 

The reusable tank is a little more complex than the disposable, which is why we decided to leave it to the professionals. Instead of disposing of the entire tank when the coil has burnt out, the reusable tank allows you to open and clean out the inside, and replace only the disposable coil part. For individuals or businesses who will be going through coils a lot faster than the regular dinner party host, this will allow you to save money in the long run, by only replacing the coil instead of the tank. 

The reusable tank also lets you interchange your aromas, so you don’t need a separate tank for each scent. However, it is recommended to have a tank per aroma, as it will allow you to interchange aromas a lot faster than cleaning out the tank in between each refill. With the reusable tank, it is recommended to change the coil every 4 weeks, or sooner if your aroma smells burnt. Having a separate tank for each aroma means it is a lot easier to swap out a burnt coil for a fresh one, without the worry of cross contamination

disposable aroma tank  for flavour blaster MINI

Battery Life

The MINI is designed for the at home drinks connoisseur who knows how to throw a great house party. The battery life of the MINI is built to reflect this, with a function time of up to 8 hours. This is more than enough power to last until late into the night at your evening soiree and there are plenty of bubbles to go round. The MINI comes with a cute, light up USB-C cable to charge your MINI, so it can be a cute home feature even when it’s not in use. 

Should you be wanting to create bubbles more frequently, for example if you are an events caterer, or a mobile bar, the Pro 2 has an impressive 8+ hours of action time. This is perfect for those who are wanting a more durable Flavour Blaster, which will be used daily, or continuously for long periods of time.


The MINI has a family friendly price point of £199.95 exc VAT. This makes it the perfect tech gift, for those hard to impress friends and relatives, who seem to own everything! Keep up with the latest home gadgets and ensure your social gatherings are the trendiest in town - this is an investment you don’t want to miss out on. With Klarna payments available, allowing you to break up the cost into 3 monthly instalments, it has never been easier to own your own MINI. 

The Pro 2 comes in at a slightly more pricey £349.95 exc VAT, however if you are looking to invest in a professional bar tool, the Pro more than earns its keep. This is our top of the range cocktail smoker, and is sure to impress your guests. Whether you are a professional hospitality business, or home bartender/ content creator, the Pro 2 is the perfect way to show that you mean business.  


So there you have it, hopefully this has helped to clear up some of the mystery alluding the differences between the Pro and MINI. 

Regardless of which Flavour Blaster you choose, our mission remains the same. We aim to create a memorable experience, not just a garnish, and the Flavour Blaster is guaranteed to bring joy to its recipients, whoever they are.

Get the Pro here, or treat yourself to a MINI here.

For a summarised video version of this article, watch the video below:

If you have any further questions regarding either model, why not check out our YouTube Channel here. We create weekly videos with useful guides, tips and demos, to ensure you are making the most of your Flavour Blaster experience.

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For any other inquiries, please email info@jetchill.com, our customer service is always available to help answer any of your questions.

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