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flavour blaster mini cocktail bubble gun and ice cream glass

Bubble Guns and More Unique Cocktail Inspired Gifts To Buy This Mothers Day! - The Ultimate Gift Guide

So Mother's Day is just around the corner, and you're tired of presenting the same bouquet of flowers to the women in your life every year.

We have created a gift guide of some really unique cocktail inspired gift ideas for any mums out there that they are bound to love! 

Flavour Blaster™️ MINI

flavour Blaster™️ mini bubble gun for cocktails

There isn't a single person who wouldn't be impressed by a magical cocktail bubble gun filled with a scented aroma. The Flavour Blaster™️ MINI bubble gun is super easy to use and fun for all the family. Simply fill with your favourite aroma (choose from over 20) and pull the trigger to create scented garnishes on top of any food and drink. It's the perfect way to level up girls cocktail night or to spice up your mums favourite glass of wine! 

With a range of colours to choose from, there is a bubble gun to match every mums personality!  It’s the perfect gift for the gadget lover, chef, home bartender or the mum who has everything!

Create your own personalised aroma bundle with all of their favourite scents for the ultimate personal touch. 


flavour Blaster™️ flamingo glassware with bubble aroma

Image credit: Viajante87

Looking for something more budget friendly? Our bespoke glassware range is perfect! 

Our quirky icecream, flamingo and jellyfish glasses are sure to impress, whether you’re a glassware aficionado or not! These funky unique glasses are a great way to add some fun to cocktail night, and look great on any bar trolley or glassware cabinet. They're also now available in larger packs of 6, perfect for family gatherings and dinner parties! 

flavour blaster diamond cut rocks glasses for smoking whiskey

Looking for something more suave for the more sophisticated mum in your life? Our Diamond Rocks glasses are the perfect accompaniment for that bottle of Whiskey you have tucked away in a gift bag for Mothers Day.

Would you like ice with that? 

Why settle for cloudy, broken ice when patterned, ultra clear ice is only a button click away! 

flavour Blaster™️ ghost ice clear ice tray collaboration

With our Ghost Ice kit, you can create crystal clear ice cubes that even bartenders will envy!

the ice designer flavour Blaster™️ collaboration patterned ice tray

Images credit: @theweekendmixologist on Instagram

Let your mother impress her guests with patterned ice created in seconds by our Ice Designer Tray - simply place your ice on top of your chosen design and watch the pattern melt into the ice. 

The World's Best Cocktail Kit (UK only)

flavour Blaster™️ cocktail kit gold shaker strainer mixology set

Does your mum love a good cocktail happy hour? Why not treat her to our complete Cocktail Kit? It comes with everything you need to get started with cocktail shaking including speed pourers, two strainers, a shaker and jigger! 

Our cocktail kit is currently only available in the UK but sign up to our free loyalty scheme to be notified when they become available worldwide!

Cocktail Book

flavour blaster cocktail recipe book

Need a quick gift for under £15? Our cocktail book is the perfect addition to anyone's recipe book collection! With hand drawn original illustration and original recipes, it provides plenty of inspiration for mum's next cocktail night. 

Gift Vouchers

flavour Blaster™️ gift card for aroma gun and glassware

Not sure what to get? Let them choose! 

We offer a range of vouchers redeemable across our site, so they can pick out what they want, when they want. 


There are so many wonderful gift ideas to choose from, we're confident that we can help you make this the best Mother's Day ever! For even more gift ideas, check out our website!


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