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What to expect from your Flavour Blaster Pro 2 Cocktail Kit

What to expect from your Flavour Blaster Pro 2 Cocktail Kit

What is the Flavour Blaster?

If you're after vibrant ingredients for cutting-edge cocktail recipes or eye-catching service ideas for your venue, then the Flavour Blaster Cocktail Pro 2 Kit might be the answer to your prayers.


 "The Flavour Blaster is one of the coolest and most exciting bar tools ever created." Vlad, The Slick Bartender (YouTube)


The Flavour Blaster was designed and made by cocktail equipment innovators JetChill Ltd.

 JetChill began when hospitality expert Col and manufacturing dynamo Rob saw bartenders struggling with a high volume service of drinks using theatrical smoke from dry ice. They decided to create a dry ice machine that was easy to use, quick to produce an effective and safe to operate. In 2011 they introduced the JetChill system and have continued to win accolades for their designs ever since.


Then in 2017, Col and Rob collaborated with Simone Caporale to create a handheld bubble gun prototype to add theatrical scented smoke to individual cocktails. They developed edible bubbles to trap the fragrant smoke so that the customer could pop the bubble themselves at the point of service.


The prototype made such a storm on social media that they launched the Flavour Blaster in 2018 with thousands of advance orders from 40 different countries.


"A fantastic tool, I really love it, and the guests go crazy because of this experience." Dave Mulder, The Cocktail Agency (UK)


The Flavour Blaster is now sold into over a hundred countries, to world-renowned cocktail bars, Michelin starred restaurants and used in large scale events. 


However, the last year gave the team time to reflect on the design and improve parts of the Flavour Blaster gun they felt could be better. So the Flavour Blaster Pro 2 was born.


The New and Improved Flavour Plaster Pro 2


flavor blaster pro

The flavour blaster pro 2 is out now, and you can pre-order it on the website today. But how have the team improved the quality of the Flavour Blaster gun?


The shape of the base

 flavour blaster base

But what is the difference? Well, to start, they increased the weight and width of the base. That means the gun itself is sturdier when not in use. By making the bottom of the handle more like a stand, bartenders can leave the tool on the station without being concerned about knocking it over.


No more plastic


The Flavour Blaster Pro 2 now has a metal removable nozzle. This is not only nice to look at but more practical and sanitary. During active service, plastic parts can get knocked and scratched, reducing their efficiency and making them harder to clean. The metal used in the new nozzles is wipe-clean and scratch-resistant. It is also available in four different colours. Design-wise, this is tied into the metal coin logo inset into the handle.


The handle grip

 flavour gun

The Flavour Blaster now has a rubberised handle grip which means it is less likely to slip when you are hurrying between washing your hands and making drinks. The founders knew that washing your hands more is a practice that will stick around, and therefore they needed to improve the hold and feel of the gun to make it more practical.


The colour and design


The original Flavour Blaster used to come in several bright colours. The Flavour Blaster Pro 2 is now all black, and the designers added a splash of colour by incorporating a sleek LED light feature into the barrel of the gun. There is a button on the base of the gun that changes the light colour.  Why? Because backlit smoke in a dark room looks impressive, and it is more important to us that your smokey cocktails look good and then it is to make a jazzy looking tool.


"This bar tool really does bring out the inner child. Big smiles... From the bartender who uses it, to the person getting the drink that the bubble goes on, to the person on the other person on the other side of the room watching. I absolutely love this thing!” Tony Gonzales, Living to the Brim (USA)


What is inside the kit


The flavour blaster pro two is a new and improved version of the original Flavour Blaster, but the cocktail kit remains the same. You will receive your chargeable flavour blasted gun, your micro USB charging cable, a single reusable flavour tank, five separate tank coils, five of the core aroma range and a bottle of our Bubble X food-grade bubble mixture. The Flavour Blaster Pro 2 Cocktail Kit is an all-in-one set including the equipment and aromatic flavours you'll need for drink bubbles, aromatic mist and fragrant smoke clouds.


If you've not used the original Flavour Blaster before, and want some inspiration and advice from Simone Caporale, take a look at his YouTube videos.


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