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Flavour Blaster Spirit Guide: The Spookiest Drink Bottles For Your Halloween Party!

Flavour Blaster Spirit Guide: The Spookiest Drink Bottles For Your Halloween Party!

It’s that time of year again where you can decorate your house with everything spooky - including your bar trolley! 

Don’t settle for plain old booze bottles, when you could transform your drinks cabinet to a drinks crypt! 

We have created the Ultimate Flavour Blaster Approved Spirit Guide to guide you through our favourite scary bottle designs to haunt your Halloween cocktails! 

1. Crystal Heads Vodka

crystal heads kaleidoscope recipe

Want to make this cocktail? Get the recipe here!

 Founded by actor Dan Aykroyd (known from Ghostbusters), it doesn’t get more supernatural than this! All of their spirits come in a signature skull shaped bottle, with different themes depending on the spirit! Offering both Vodka and Tequila, this is a great brand to try!


2. Outerspace Vodka 

outer space vodka

This fun, alien shaped vodka is a real head turner with its bright green bottle! Perfect for out of this world cocktails!


3. Ghost Vodka 

ghost vodka

Not only does this vodka have a spooky ghost on the front, the distillery it is made in is supposedly haunted! Now that’s a good conversation starter to get people talking at your Monster Ball! 


4. Sangre De Vida 

sangre de vida resposado

Pour your heart out with this gothic tequila! Designed to represent capturing the soul of Mexico in a bottle, this tequila is not one to sleep on! 


5. Dead Man’s Fingers Rum 

dead mans fingers rum

We can’t talk about Halloween without mentioning such a well known and loved brand - If the name alone doesn’t sell it, they have Halloween edition bottles to collect for your drinks cabinet! 


6. Mozart Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Liqueur 

Mozart pumpkin spice liqueur

If you’re a fan of Baileys and creamy liqueurs, this is the perfect drink for you! This creamy chocolate liqueur packed pumpkin spice flavours is seasonally delicious and bonus points for the pumpkin shaped bottle! 


7. Absinth Red Devil 

absinthe red devil

Aptly named for its bright reed colour and fiery anise flavour, this will give you a strong kick! https://www.originalabsinthe.com/absinthe-liquor/absinthe-red-devil.html?SubmitCurrency=1&id_currency=3&srsltid=AfmBOopBvo4JtT-NezS95vmSJXrELllkaaCRvnZ3XxkEgP0wqLVZ-jTd8Ds

8. Kah Skull Resposado Tequila 

kah tequila skull

Inspired by Day of the Dead, this delicious tequila comes in a hand painted bottle for maximum effect!


9. Fallen Angel Spiced Rum 

fallen angel rum

Spiced rum served in a Devil shaped bottle, this will certainly catch your guests eye! The Fallen Angel range also offers other spirits such as Blackcurrant Gin for a frightfully fruity sip!


10. Black Thistle Gin 

black thistle gin

Looking for something mesmerising for your next potion? This swirling, shimmery gin will make your next drink look like something out of a spellbook! Feeling brave? This particular green edition is Kiwi and Mint flavour, for an unusual serve!


11. Kraken Rum 

kraken rum

We couldn’t make this list without mentioning a rum named after a mythical beast! With tentacles wrapping around the bottle, this is a firm Flavour Blaster favourite! With many different flavours to choose from and limited edition collectable ceramic bottles, what are you waiting for? 


12. Stone Gaze Drinks 

stone gaze gin

From the same creators as the Fallen Angel Rum, this Medusa themed bottle will shock your guests! With rum, vodka and gin flavours available, this is a great spooky addition to your bar trolley! 


13. Mexskeletons 


Already have your favourite drink, just need a cool new way to serve it? Check out Mexskeletons drink decanters! Hand painted in Mexico, these shot glasses and decanters are crafted with love and look great on any bar trolley! 



These are just a handful of our favourite Halloween themed alcoholic spirit bottles, perfect for adding that extra scare factor to your Halloween Ball! There are so many creative bottle designs out there, what’s your favourite? 

halloween spooky cocktail recipe ideas

For that extra spooky factor, why not add a Flavour Blaster scented fog to your punch bowl!

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