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5 Ways to Level up your Espresso Martini!

5 Ways to Level up your Espresso Martini!

It's World Martini Day, so we think it's time you levelled up your Espresso Martini.

Sure your Espresso Martini tastes great, but what if you could make your serve stand out from all the other venues? 
Science suggests that 80% of your taste comes from smell, so when you smell the aroma garnish on top of your drink, can taste it, even though it's just a garnish. It also helps you form memories, based upon scent, as your brain will associate smells with the experience they are paired with.  That's what we call "The Secret of Scent". 
To make your cocktail menu stand out, why not add a Flavour Blaster aroma bubble as a garnish? You can use aroma to bring out similar ingredients in the drink, or add a new complimentary flavour to make your serves stand out.
We want to provide some inspiration for our favourite aromas to pair with Espresso Martini's for an unforgettable garnish.
flavour blaster espresso martini with coffee aroma bubble garnish smoking drink
1. Coffee - First up is our coffee aroma, naturally. To truly emphasise the earthy aroma of your Espresso Martini, our coffee aroma is a natural choice. Add a bubble on top of your glass for a dramatic presentation, why not try bursting it with coffee beans?
2. Cinnamon - Want a fiery kick to your Espresso Martini? Our cinnamon aroma is the perfect twist. 
3. Coconut - Add some creaminess to your next caffeinated serve with our coconut aroma! Sweet and rich, this is the perfect addition for those with a sweet tooth. 
Flavour Blaster Espresso Martiki with coconut aroma bubble smoking gun
4. Smoke - Looking for a more sophisticated aroma? A classic smoke bubble can never go amiss. Our smoke aroma will add a smooth, smoky depth to your drink, without contaminating the glass like a traditional wood chip smoker. 
5. Citrus - Coffee and citrus go hand in hand - it may be a more unusual combination but we swear it works! Remember that viral trend of mixing orange juice and coffee? The tart, zinginess of the citrus cuts through the richness of the coffee, making for a refreshing serve! 
The Espresso Martini is a timeless cocktail, and there are thousands of variations out there. Whether you stick to the classic original, or prefer to mix it up with fruit, spices or herbs, there is an aroma for every serve.
Don't have a signature Espresso Martini on your menu? Here's our favourite recipe for you to use in your own venue!
Flavour Blaster How to make an espresso martini recipe with smoking gun

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