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Truffle, what is it and why all the hype?

Truffle, what is it and why all the hype?

Truffles, the highly sought-after subterranean fungi, have long been prized for their unique and earthy flavour. In recent years, they have also become a popular ingredient in high-end cocktails. Truffle cocktails are typically made by infusing spirits such as vodka or gin with truffle essence or oil, and then mixing them with other ingredients to create a unique and decadent drinking experience.

One example of a truffle cocktail is the "Truffle Martini", which is made by infusing vodka with truffle oil and then mixing it with vermouth and garnishing it with a piece of truffle. Another example is "Black Truffle Old Fashioned", which is made by muddling a small piece of black truffle in a mixing glass with sugar and bitters before adding whiskey and garnishing with a truffle slice.

Another is the Truffle Negroni which is a variation of the classic Negroni cocktail, which typically consists of gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari. The "truffle" aspect of the name likely refers to the addition of truffle oil or truffle-infused ingredients, which can add a unique, earthy flavor to the drink. Some variations of the Truffle Negroni may also include other ingredients such as honey or additional types of alcohol.

High-end establishments, such as upscale bars, restaurants, and hotels, are increasingly offering truffle cocktails on their menus. This is because the use of truffles can add a touch of luxury and exclusivity to their drinks menu. Chefs also love using truffle in dishes as it allows them to offer a unique and elevated experience for their customers.

Beyond cocktails, truffle oil or truffle butter are also used in cooking to make dishes taste richer and more intense. Some common dishes that use truffle are pasta, risotto, and scrambled eggs.

Truffle cocktails, while a luxurious and unique experience, can also be pricey due to the cost of truffles. Our new truffle aroma is earthy and slightly garlicky with a deep musky essence this decedent aroma effuses the delicious richness of white truffles found in the forests of northern Italy. 


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