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Why Aroma Guns Are Overtaking Smoke Guns As The Best Industry Bar Tool

Why Aroma Guns Are Overtaking Smoke Guns As The Best Industry Bar Tool

Anything you can do, we can do better! Move over smoking gun, it's aroma gun's turn!

Gone are the days of fiddly wood chip smoking, and scrubbing smoke residue from glassware. 

Flavour Blaster heard the frustrations of industry professionals around the world and went back to the drawing board. 

Then along came the Flavour Blaster™️ Pro - the world's first patented aroma gun.

Created to combat all of the struggles that wood chip smokers present, the aroma gun surely takes the cake. 

flavour blaster cocktail bubble gun

To truly put it to the test, we have compared the two and outlined all of the ways that the aroma gun outshines the traditional smoking gun, so you don’t have to spend hours researching it. 

Aroma vs Smoke

The obvious main difference between the Flavour Blaster aroma gun and typical wood chip smokers, is that one produces an aromatic vapour, and the other produces smoke. Wood chip smokers rely on burning wood chips to create smoke, which is channelled through a rubber tubing system and can be directed where it is needed, such as under a cloche or into glassware. 

Aroma guns work by heating up a coil wrapped in cotton inside of a tank which filled with your aroma liquid of choice. As the coil heats up, the aroma liquid inside will evaporate and become a smoke-like cloud which can be used to add a scented aroma to your dish of choice

 flavour blaster cocktail bubble gun


As smoke guns rely on burning things, it tends to leave a sticky, cloudy residue on glassware once it has been smoked, meaning the glassware must be thoroughly cleaned before using again. This can be inconvenient during busy events as scrubbing glasses can be time consuming.

Aroma vapour does not linger on the glass, meaning once the aroma has dissipated, the glass will be neutral scented and clean again! This means glassware can be quickly rinsed and reused without having to scrub it clean. Happy days!


To use a smoking gun, you must add wood chips to a burning chamber, which can be messy and fiddly when working quickly in a dimly lit bar environment. It is easy to drop or spill the wood chips as they are so small, and it requires washing your hands every time (nobody wants sticky fingers with wood chips stuck to them). Then you need to light the woodchips - cue the inevitable scramble to find a blowtorch or lighter, then the potential singeing of fingertips. By the time you have lit the smoker, you still need to use it on the food or drink, and we all know smoke takes a few minutes to infuse its flavour - your customers will be tapping their foot impatiently by now. By the time you have set up the smoker, smoked the glass, made the drink and taken payment, your customer will likely be unwilling to wait in the ever growing queue for a second drink, so you've lost your repeat business.

The Flavour Blaster aroma gun was designed to make life as easy as possible for service users, which is why we created a USB powered device with removable aroma tanks, for speed of service. No flame is required for this gadget, simply insert your aroma tank of choice and pull the trigger. Unlike a typical smoker, there is no wait time between starting the gun and getting smoke, aroma will start to come out of the nozzle as soon as the trigger is pulled! Create an aroma cloud within three seconds flat, ready for serving instantly! Now your guests can have a bubble on their drink before they can shout "another!".

flavour Blaster™️ cocktail bubble gun


Since a smoking gun uses wood chips to derive their flavour and smell, using a smoking gun leaves very limited options to choose from. All wood chips have a distinct earthy smokiness to them, which doesn’t always suit the dish it’s meant to compliment. You can choose from different wood variations such as applewood, cherry, oak or hickory, however you are still limited to a strong smoky scent, which can be overpowering and clingy.

The use of liquid aromas means that you can enjoy a cleaner scent, without the smell of burning wood. The creators of Flavour Blaster did not want to be limited to just a smoke aroma, so they developed their own range of carefully formulated aroma liquids that can be used with the Flavour Blaster™️ aroma bubble cocktail gun. The aim of these aromas was to provide a complete aroma range allowing users to find the perfect aroma to pair with their serve to enhance or compliment flavours already existing in their food and drink. Ranging from fruity aromas such as Citrus, Mixed Berry, Lychee, Rhubarb, Bubblegum, Coconut and Passion Fruit to savoury Rosemary and Truffle, and spicy Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Ginger - there are now over 20 aromas to choose from, with more in development! This allows you to add an exciting, aromatised garnish to food and drink which no other venue has - use your own customised aroma collection to personalise your menu and pair the perfect aromas to add new depth to your serves. 

flavour Blaster™️ cocktail bubble gun


Due to smoking guns requiring a large rubber tubing to channel their smoke, these devices can take up quite a lot of space on a small bartop. The hosing can easily get caught and knock the smoker off it’s shelf, and it isn’t very practical for carrying around - especially when table service is the recommended delivery for this gadget.  Using a smoker can feel clumsy and can ruin the experience for both the guest and the server.

The Flavour Blaster aroma gun was designed for its theatrics, so naturally it needed to be portable! With a sturdy base and compact design, it is perfect for table service on the move, or passing between staff when serving behind the bar. As there are no loose parts, simply pass the Blaster™️ to whoever needs it, and they can effortlessly aromatise their drink without repeating the setup process - simply  pull the trigger. 


Many bars and venues can relate to the struggle of wanting to smoke drinks without creating a health and safety nightmare. Unfortunately many insurance companies may be reluctant to insure venues that use an open flame, especially on a regular basis. Even if your boss is enthusiastic about using a smoking gun, everybody can hold their hands up and admit they’ve received a casualty or two from trying to use a smoker, whether from lighting the wood chips, or handling the gun whilst still hot. 

By using electricity rather than an open flame, an aroma gun is able to channel its heat directly where it is needed, onto the coil to vaporise the aroma. This means the aroma gun will always be safe to handle, and there is no flammable risk as there is no fire involved. This is why the Flavour Blaster aroma gun is preferred by venues and events companies worldwide, even children can safely use our device - unlike a smoking gun.


The other feature that sets aroma guns apart from smoking guns is the ability to create burstable bubbles! A typical wood chip smoker does not offer a bubble feature, meaning you are limited to purely the smoking function.

The Flavour Blaster is also different to typical aroma guns, as we are known as a cocktail bubble gun. We provide a patented bubble mixture which is safe for food and neutral flavoured, so you can add extra theatre to your serves by revealing your aroma inside of a bubble. This can elevate your table service experience and provide some easily achievable flair to your server routine.  

flavour Blaster™️™️ cocktails bubble gun


Overall, you can see that there isn’t much competition when it comes to choosing an aroma gun vs smoke gun - the aroma gun was developed to replace the smoke gun by achieving everything a smoke gun can’t. Still looking to achieve that distinct smokiness for your food dishes and drinks? You can get a smoke aroma for your aroma gun! Now there is no need to use wood chips ever again! 

Invest in an aroma gun and your servers will all thank you, cocktails are complicated enough already - don’t make things harder. 

Want to see why Flavour Blaster™️ cocktail bubble gun is the best aroma gun on the market? Click here!

Decision already made? Get your new cocktail aroma bubble gun here!

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