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Looking for The Ultimate Bar Tool For Father's Day

Looking for The Ultimate Bar Tool For Father's Day

The Best Gadget for Cocktail and Cooking Enthusiasts
Is your dad a budding home-bartender? If so, the Flavour Blaster Pro 2 Cocktail Kit will take his cocktails to the next level. It hits the brief if your dad is both gadget-mad and enjoys entertaining friends.
Why Professional Cocktail Bartenders Use the Flavour Blaster
The Favour Blaster is the only easy-to-use handheld gun on the market to produce aromatic smoke and edible bubbles.
Ask any cocktail bartender worth his salt, and they'll tell you that people come to drink in bars for the entertainment value as much as the taste of the drinks and the quality of the service. And the Flavour Blaster lets you recreate that wow factor at home. 
Here are some more great reasons why professional bartenders use the Flavour Blaster Cocktail Kit:
Adding aroma whets the appetite, getting the digestive system ready for a lovely drink
The aroma smoke comes from the Flavour Blaster gun in billowing clouds that make a visual sensation on par with liquid nitrogen.
With a little practice, you can trap the aroma cloud inside an edible bubble
The bubble will release from the gun and float up in the air
Or sit on top of the rim of your serving glass
And if you really get the hang of it, the bubble can float in the air then land on top of the glass!
What Comes in the Flavour Blaster Cocktail Kit
The Flavour Blaster is used by bartenders worldwide because it is easy to handle, easy to learn, and thoughtful little additions make it a joy to use again and again. The Flavour Blaster Cocktail Kit contains all the ingredients and equipment you'll need to get started.
Inside your Kit, you'll receive:
A Micro USB charging cable
1 Reusable tank
5 Tank Coils
5 Aromas
1 Bottle of Bubble X bubble mixture
1 Year limited warranty
How to Use the Flavour Blaster
Once you've received your Kit, you'll need to teach dad how to use it! But don't worry, the Kit comes with a set of instructions. We have a downloadable user manual on the website, and a whole web page dedicated to entertaining instructional videos shows you how the Flavour Blaster works. If you need cocktail inspiration, you can see the recipes we share on our The Flavour Blaster YouTube channel.
To practice and develop your skills with the equipment, our collaborator Simone Caporal has created some videos to help you develop professional flair. Simone Caporale earned so many international accolades while working with the Artesian Bar at The Langham Hotel that he became a global phenomenon within the hospitality industry. He broke into TV fame when he teamed up with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to present the Jamie Oliver Drink's Tube. He is well known for consulting with brands and venues all around the world with his inventive, fun and awe-inspiring cocktail creations.

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