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Sep 22, 2021


Edible Bubbles Behind the Bar from Berlin to Bergen

American Cocktail Craft Migrates to Europe

Europeans may not have come up with the original classic style of cocktail service. That particular genius is down to the Americans who, during Prohibition, exported their bartenders all over the world.

But after being introduced to the American-style bar, the Europeans ran with it. And subsequently, hundreds of cocktails now considered classics were invented in Europe between the two World Wars.

We are talking; the Bellini, the Bloody Mary, the Negroni, the White Lady, the Corpse Reviver #2, the Pink Gin, the French 75 and the Sidecar.

The International Cocktail Scene

And again during the 1990s, when this 'golden era' of cocktail service enjoyed a renaissance, European bar owners and bartenders took the concepts to heart and soon began showcasing their unbelievable talent to the world, becoming thought leaders in new cocktail recipes and pushing the envelope when it came to invention and quality service style.

All this was helped by the global drinks press and, of course, the internet, and soon, the European bar community dominated international cocktail competitions and awards ceremonies.

Who Invented the Flavour Blaster?

Simone Caporale was one of the most formidable talents in this emerging scene. He is one of the most decorated bartenders globally, and he rose to fame because he consistently surprised his customers and fellow bartenders with his drinks menus. Simone Caporale's search for a versatile piece of equipment to create smoke, aromas and edible bubbles resulted in his partnership with JetChill Ltd and the creation of the Flavour Blaster.

And thanks to his involvement in the process, European bars were some of the first to instigate the Flavour Blaster's full potential in recipes, helping the founders to develop a complementary range of glassware, cloches, and back bar accessories too.

`I bought my flavour blaster because it surprises our guests. Its innovation, its flavour, its perfection. It's the cherry on top. The Flavour Blaster is easy to use, perfect for rapid service and simple to clean. Ultimately, it completes our drinks with new flavours, new designs and a new touch that we love.` Stefano, Why Not Cocktail Lab, Italy

Europeans Using the Flavour Blaster

Edinburgh chef Colin Hinds pairs limited editions, silent distillery, single cask Scotch, or hard to find old and rare whisky with seasonal Scottish produce to create a tasting menu par excellence at The Whisky Forager. He elevates his service with an aroma filled bubble balanced on a tasting glass, no cocktails, no gimmicks, just a well-paired aroma to enhance a complex whisky.

The London-based Four Seasons Park Lane uses the cloche to serve a signature cocktail on their menu. Filling the cloche allows you to use the aromatic mist with iced cocktails, giving an aromatic boost to the traditional on-the-rocks serve.

"The Flavour Blaster is a simple, elegant and functional tool when it comes to presentation. I didn't expect it to be so versatile. I love that the smoke is not too heavy, and I can use it inside." Vlad (aka @slickbartender_) Ukraine

In Italy, bars like KOOB Experience are creating focal table serves to be shared among their guests. Their Savana Experience incorporates amuse-bouche with a rum-based cocktail.

Then, French-based bartender and magician, Adreine Quillien is making bespoke Flavour Blaster cocktails for his private events, including a recent Steam Punk themed wedding!

"My first time with the Flavour Blaster was one year ago when Simone and I were trying to create the best vibes ever during the WorldClass 2019 where I was leading the amazing Zacapa Bar surrounded by the best bartenders in the world." Salvatore, Bar Consultant, Italy.

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If you want to visit any of our European bar friends, then have a peep at our Find a Bar page. If you can't travel yet, keep up to date with our partners on our Instagram page!

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